Danse Danse

Créateur du mouvement

its inception in 1998, Danse Danse has been actively involved in presenting and promoting contemporary dance, both new dance pieces and works from the repertoire.
Danse Danse is a dynamic showcase for outstanding performances by dance professionals from here and abroad.

At the Heart of Danse Danse

Year after year, Danse Danse presents strong seasons of exceptional contemporary dance, exciting, compelling proposals from all over the world. Different aesthetics intersect and intermingle in the heart of the entertainment district, presented to audiences as diverse as the performances themselves.  Danse Danse not only makes the essential repertoire of contemporary dance accessible to Montreal audiences, but also portrays the exhilarating rhythms of our times by creating striking new works.

With a strong focus on excellence at the core of its activities, Danse Danse thrills, surprises and charms spectators with movement. The company also offers teaching tools to enhance appreciation of the dance experience.

Danse Danse in the Community

In 2005 Danse Danse established the outreach project Get Youth into Dance, an access-to-dance program that transcends economic, social and cultural barriers by offering tickets to performances to targetted organizations and schools that work with disadvantaged youth.  Danse Danse also makes dance accessible to school audiences, and our support and teaching activities help make their dance outing a significant experience.

Danse Danse believes in local talent and maintains strong, constructive relations with dance artists by staying attuned to their needs, providing co-production support and artistic residencies. With its program for new works Créateur en Mouvement, Danse Danse strives to have the works of local artists performed on stages big and small, giving them the means to dream and to have their dreams come true.

Plunge into movement! Join the dance!