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Welcoming newcomers to Canada

In partnership with the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC), Danse Danse welcomes newcomers to many of its shows to encourage their participation in Montreal's cultural life.

Newcomers who are members of the ICC’s Canoo Access Pass have access to heavily discounted premium seats.



“I have rarely experienced shows where technology and danse are combined. It was a great experience!”

Alexis Cuglietta

"I'm not used to seeing contemporary dance shows. But really, I was delighted, I was charmed."

Géraldine Dambreville

"It was really beautiful. And surprising. It's the first time I've seen a contemporary dance show like this. I'm really glad I was able to come and see it."

Media coverage

TV5 Monde
Canoo, the app for integration through culture

The Bryleuskaya family attended the premiere of Kidd Pivot's Assembly Hall at Danse Danse in November 2023 as part of the Canoo program. The members of this family testify: "integrating the cultural and historical life of Quebec is important to us".

(In French)

Le Devoir
Culture to integrate newcomers

"I take it as a very beautiful gift from the country that welcomes us" says Marina Melteva, one of the spectators who attended the Assembly Hall show, by the Kidd Pivot company at Danse Danse this week. 

Sara Ennasri, who arrived from Morocco at the start of the pandemic three and a half years ago, was also delighted to attend Assembly Hall. "It's really nice to have free or low-cost tickets, especially for a student," says the 30-year-old speech therapist. "Cultural outings help me discover Montreal and meet people," she says. 

(In French)