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Sustainable Development

Danse Danse is committed!

In light of the global changes taking place and the environmental impact of the performing arts industry, Danse Danse wishes to consolidate its eco-responsible practices, raise public awareness of these issues, and ensure that the performing arts continue to flourish in a healthy environment.


Danse Danse is committed to adopting sustainable practices, both socially and environmentally, as part of a wider effort to protect the environment and promote environmental justice. This eco-responsible approach is necessary in order to implement a plan that identifies the sustainable actions to be taken. The plan is intended to be consistent, realistic, and appealing to all stakeholders involved in the organization’s activities.


Support Quebec artists of all genres and backgrounds, and facilitate the mobility of international and local companies throughout Quebec and Canada.

Guarantee a welcoming and accessible environment, support artistic plurality, and celebrate the richness that diversity brings to the art of dance.

Danse Danse provides artists with favourable conditions in which to practise their art, and audiences with high-quality, diverse works that reflect the world in which we live.

Foster an environment conducive to the development and promotion of new forms of choreographic expression.

In addition to its performances, Danse Danse offers many opportunities to experience dance intensively and supports audience participation in cultural life.

Encourage consultation, collaboration, and resource sharing within the dance community.

Key Principles

Our actions are based on the following strategic guidelines for the implementation of our sustainable development policy.

Responsible procurement

  • Improve our choice of suppliers
  • Review the supply of derived products in terms of their sustainability


  • Understand the impact of digital technology and integrate it into our organizational strategies
  • Improve the audience experience
  • Ensure environmentally responsible procurement of materials and equipment


  • Reduce emissions by choosing sustainable modes of transport
  • Promote and implement incentives for active and collective transport
  • Optimize the arrival of international companies to reduce their travel footprint
  • Calculate the greenhouse gas emissions generated by team travel related to Danse Danse activities so that they can be offset

Awareness and communication

  • Integrate responsible communication principles into our overall marketing strategy
  • Engage our stakeholders in our approach to achieve real operational and organizational change

Waste management and circular economy

  • Improve waste management at the event
  • Provide appropriate signage to inform the public
  • Apply circular economy principles, focusing on reducing materials at source and encouraging reuse