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Educational Resources

Educational resources to enhance your viewing experience

Educational tools for an optimal experience

Danse Danse provides teachers, students and spectators with educational resources to read and print in order to better understand the art of choreography.

These tools propose ways of discovering, observing and appreciating dance for a more global experience.

Discover the different professions involved in a show, from its first steps to its presentation in a theatre, and go behind the scenes of the creation of a danced work.

Whether you are preparing for a group outing or a school activity, you want to enrich the content you have seen in class, or you have a personal interest in dance, you will find useful and stimulating information for you and your students in these dance education resources. Dance will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Appreciating Dance - A Few Tips [PDF]

Guide to Watching a Dance Performance [PDF]

Jobs in Dance [PDF]

Dance in video - A repertoire of exclusive content

In addition to these educational tools, dance videos (documentaries, interviews, rehearsals and fun content) are also available in our YouTube playlist "EXTRA."

Discover dance-related videos in this repertoire. Echoing the shows and artists we present, or our Cultural Actions, these dance videos will take you behind the scenes of the creation of choreographic works.

The interviews, documentaries, and exclusive content in these dance videos are for everyone, featuring everything from contemporary dance to hip-hop to Le Sacre du printemps.

Step inside the creation, follow the dancers in their process, and discover the works in a whole new way!