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As part of its commitment to raising awareness of and increasing access to the performing arts, Danse Danse develops inclusive projects to share the joy of dance with an ever-growing audience!


Concession rate

We are committed to opening up the art of choreography to a wider audience, and to contributing to the accessibility of the performing arts for greater equity and inclusion.   

In addition to regular-priced tickets, the subscription rate, and the rate for under 30s, Danse Danse is offering the Concession Rate, to enable more people to experience dance on stage. 

Join the dance

Targeting schools and organizations working with people in situations of vulnerability, this program offers free access to Danse Danse performances and personalized accompaniment.

Welcoming newcomers to Canada

In partnership with the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, Danse Danse welcomes newcomers to many of its shows to encourage their participation in Montreal's cultural life.

Parcours des jeunes créateur·rice·s

The Parcours invites young people to discover and engage in the creative process in contemporary dance.

Live audiodescription

Thanks to an initiative of Danse-Cité, Danse Danse welcomes blind or visually impaired people to performances. The oral description of the work, a tactile visit and a talk back with the artists allow to enjoy dance in a different way!

Companion Leisure Card

Danse Danse is a partner of the Companion Leisure Card (CAL) and offers free access to the companion of a guest with a Companion Leisure Card (CAL). Please contact the box office at 514-842-2112 or 1-866-842-2112 for more details.

Every gesture counts

“Some educators claim that exposure to beauty and art uplifts the soul and inspires us to be our best selves. This wonderful opportunity really hit the mark and touched the hearts of these young people. Thank you!” - Magali Poveda, teacher

Many thanks to our Cultural Action Partners for their support! You too can contribute in your own way.