Virginie Brunelle - Fables

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    Virginie Brunelle
Length – 65 min. Venue – Théâtre Maisonneuve, Place des Arts
30 November 2022 - 20 h 00
1 December 2022 - 20 h 00
2 December 2022 - 20 h 00
3 December 2022 - 20 h 00

DECEMBER 2 & 3 - 8:00 p.m.

Evening program

A sensitive observer of the upheavals of a world in turmoil, Virginie Brunelle dares to tackle a highly ambitious work for 12 performers and a live pianist, a series of disturbing tableaux that will shake you to the core.

Over the last decade, Virginie Brunelle has made a name for herself with a rigorous, intensely physical, uncompromising movement vocabulary. The starting point of Fables, presented in world premiere at the 2022 Lugano Dance Project (Switzerland), was the theme of that festival, centring on Monte Verità, the famous hill that was the cradle of an idealistic microsociety in the early 1900s. This liberated community, precursor of the hippie counterculture of the 1960s, sparked the choreographer’s desire to examine feminism. Against the backdrop of the chaos of an era turned upside down, Fables projects us into fantastical spaces from which larger-than-life characters emerge—contemporary female archetypes who paved the way to freedom from invisible yet real barriers. A universe of great evocative power, close to dance theatre, echoing a crying need for utopia, hope and humanity.


Also available in live streaming on December 2 + 3.

The webcast is only available live, at the same time as the show, with no possibility of replay.

Tickets start at $48.00

  • Virginie Brunelle

    Photo © Anne-Marie Baribeau.

    Virginie Brunelle

    It is first through the spectrum of music that Virginie Brunelle discovered her artistic fiber.

    After dedicating her childhood to the violin, she transfers this musical knowledge and her mastery of rhythm to a dance training (UQAM, 2007) creation profile. After graduating, Virginie Brunelle created Les cuisses à l’écart du cœur, a choreography for seven dancers that earned the 2009 Bourse RIDEAU at the Vue sur la Relèv...

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Choreographer Virginie Brunelle.

Dancers Nicholas Bellefleur, Sophie Breton, Alexandre Carlos, Julien Derradj, Chi Long, Milan Panet-Gigon, Ernesto Quesada Perez, Marie Eve Quilicot, Marine Rixhon, Peter Trosztmer, Lucie Vigneault, Evelynn Yan.

Pianist Laurier Rajotte.
Dramaturgy Nicolas Berzi.
Rehearsal Directors Claudine Hébert, Bernard Martin.
Piano composition and soundtrack composition Laurier Rajotte.
Soundtrack composition and sound environment Philippe Brault.
Sound engineers Joël Lavoie, Samuel Thériault.
Costume designer Elen Ewing.
Scenography designer Marilène Bastien.
Lighting designer Martin Labrecque.
Makeup consultant Justine Denoncourt-Bélanger.

Production management Charlotte Ménard.
Technical director François Marceau.
Administrative director Sylvie Lavoie.
Coproducers LAC - Lugano Arte e Cultura, Danse Danse, Centre National des Arts d’Ottawa, Harbourfront Centre, Festival des Arts de Saint-Sauveur.
With the precious support of
 Fonds de création du Centre National des Arts, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Conseil des arts du Canada and Conseil des arts de Montréal. 


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