Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch

In 1973 Pina Bausch became artistic director of the Wuppertal Opera Ballet, an institution that she renamed Tanztheater Wuppertal two years later, instigating a veritable revolution with the advent of the dance-theatre movement. Based in an industrial city in the North rhine-Westphalia region, the company performs some thirty shows a year there, in addition to its many performances abroad. 29 of the 42 pieces in her repertoire are still performed, including Orpheus and Eurydice and The Rite of Spring, which is also performed by the Ballet de l’Opéra de paris. Characterized by soundtracks of eclectic music of all sorts, most  of  her  pieces  involve  elaborate,  often  spectacular  sets  (giant  rocks, waterfalls, a mountain of flowers, a field of carnations, hedges, a boat), created since 1980 by peter pabst. The costumes typical of the Bausch aesthetic include evening gowns, business suits and flowing robes.