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Sadler's Wells + Universal Music UK

Message In A Bottle

Based on the songs of Sting
Choreography Kate Prince
Performance partner

One family. Three stories.

An exhilarating celebration of dance, music and hip hop, inspired by and set to iconic hits by 17-time Grammy Award-winning artist Sting, including Every Breath You Take, Roxanne, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, Walking On The Moon, Englishman In New York, and Fields Of Gold. Performed by 14 dancers and featuring the astonishing talents of dance storytelling powerhouse ZooNation: The Kate Prince Company.

A Sadler’s Wells and Universal Music UK production

Directed and Choreographed by Kate Prince
Based on the songs of Sting
With ZooNation: The Kate Prince Company

Co-produced with Birmingham Hippodrome and The Lowry, Salford

Renowned in the UK for helping to introduce street dance to a wider audience, Kate Prince draws on some of legendary vocalist and bass player Sting’s best-known songs to weave a perilous human adventure inspired by the drama of migrants. In 28 tableaux danced by a remarkably diverse ensemble, this “message in a bottle” tells an uplifting story of hope, resilience and joy. A contagious vitality, a large-scale evening that will leave you amazed, moved and energized.


Kate Prince

Kate Prince is a director, writer, and choreographer. She is also the Artistic Director of ZooNation: The Kate Prince Company which she founded in 2002. Kate is an Associate Artist at both The Old Vic and Sadler’s Wells, where ZooNation: The Kate Prince Company is also a Resident Company.

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Legendary musician and 17-time Grammy Award winning artist, Sting is showing no signs of slowing down. Drawing inspiration from genres such as rock n’ roll, jazz, classical music, and folk, he keeps making eclectic music reminding us of his quintessential sound.

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Sadler's Wells

Sadler's Wells is a creative organisation based in London committed to the making of dance, with over three centuries of theatrical heritage. Since 2005, Sadler's Wells has created award-winning dance productions, co-productions and touring projects in collaboration with its portfolio of Associate Artists, as well as international dance companies and partners.

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Universal Music UK
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Company of dancers Oliver Andrews, Lindon Barr, Deavion Brown, David Cottle, Harrison Dowzell, Nestor Garcia Gonzalez, Natasha Gooden, Lizzie Gough, Megan Ingram, Ajani Johnson Goffe, Daniella May, Dylan Mayoral, Serena McCall, Lukas McFarlane, Nethra Menon, Robbie Ordona, Lara Renaud, Hannah Sandilands, Jessey Stol, Steven Thompson, Gavin Vincent, Malachi Welsh.

Creative team
Director & Choreographer
Kate Prince
Music & Lyrics
Music Supervisor & New Arrangements
Alex Lacamoire
Music Producer & Arranger
Martin Terefe
Music Co-Producer & Mixer
Oskar Winberg
Set Designer
Ben Stones
Video Designer
Andrzej Goulding
Costume Designer
Anna Fleischle
Lighting Designer
Natasha Chivers
Sound Designer
David McEwan
Lolita Chakrabarti OBE
Associate Choreographer
Lukas McFarlane
Music Associate & Additional Arrangements
D.J. Walde
Assistant Choreographers
Tommy Franzen, Lizzie Gough

Remount production team
Resident Director/Choreographer
 Lizzie Gough
Dance Captains
Lindon Barr, Hannah Sandilands
Wardrobe Supervisor
Miwa Mitsuhashi, Sabia Smith
Hair Stylist
Tevae Humphreys, Bethan Owens

Technical team
Company Stage Manager 
Marius Arnold-Clarke
Deputy Stage Manager
Kayleigh Atkinson
Touring Production
Manager Adam Smith
Touring Production Electrician/Relighter 
Joe Pilling
Head of Sound
 Simon Lambert
Head of Video
Marc Lavallee
Head of Wardrobe
 Joanna Hunnisett
Deputy Head of Wardrobe
Heather Cohen
Deputy Head of Lighting
Alfie Sissons
Technical Swing
Mim Evison
Wardrobe Assistant
Firdest Karaca
Touring Physiotherapist
Adam Lawrenson
Production Lighting Equipment
supplied by White Light Ltd.

Musicians (new arrangements)

Kristoffer Sonne
Electric Guitars
Staffan Astner
Bass, Guitars & Keys
Martin Terefe
Piano, Keys & Guita
r Alex Lacamoire
Guitar, Keys, Backing Vocals & Programming
Oskar Winberg

Guest Vocalists
Lead Vocals (Fields Of Gold, Invisible Sun)
& If You Love Somebody Set Them Free)
Beverley Knight
Lead Vocals (The Bed’s Too Big Without You)
Lynval Golding
Lead Vocals (Don’t Stand So Close To Me)
Claudia Georgette
Vocals (Inshallah & They Dance Alone)
Shaneeka Simon
Vocals (Inshallah & Invisible Sun)
Christella Litras

Additional Musicians
John Garrison
Piano & Keys
Nikolaj Tor
Daniel Freedman
D.J. Walde
Drum Programming
Noah Terefe

Glen Scott (choir leader), Christella Litras, Shaneeka Simon, Jermaine (Jaz)
Ellington, Chérie Johnson, Dylan Turner, Ellena Vincent, Cleveland Watkiss, Coretta Scott, Jack
Vasiliou, Shean Williams, Denise Pearson, Laura Vasiliou

String Quartet
Patrick Savage
Shelley Britton
Emma Owens
Chris Fish

Carlos Sosa
Raul Vallejo
Fernando Castillo

Original creation production team

Music Assistant to Alex Lacamoire & Additional Arrangements
Isaac Hayward
New arrangements recorded
at Kensaltown Studios & Eastcote Studios, London
Sting’s vocals produced by
Martin Kierszenbaum, Martin Terefe

Recording Engineers
Oskar Winberg, George Murphy
Assistant Engineer & Additional Engineering
Sophie Ellis
Additional Assistant Engineers
Clem Cherry, Jake Sewell & Max Margolis
Executive Assistant to Martin Terefe
Julie Bateman
Financial & Back-Office
Annie Benson
Music Copywork
Stephanie Leah Evans
Assistant Stage Designer
Rachel Wingate
Associate Lighting Designer
Andy Purves
Associate Costume Designer
Rose Montgomery
Props Supervisor
Rosheen McNamee
Prop Maker
Emma Hughes
Set Construction
Props After Effects Animator
Raphael Pimlott
3D Modeller
Jay Wood
Video Programmer
Jack Jewell
Video Production Engineer
Dan Trenchard
Video Engineer
Mike Samuel
Lighting Programmer
Laura Howells
Production Electricians 
Doug Thomas-Currie, Joe Kirk
Rehearsal Sound Engineer
Lizzie Arnold
Soundscape Consultant
Andy Hockley (d&b audiotechnik UK)
Costume Supervisor
Ilona Karas
Assistant Costume Supervisor
Sabia Smith
Costume Intern
Alisa Neu
Costume Makers
Anna Barcock, Alice Brown, Roxy Cressy, Philip Engleheart, Pat Farmer,
Rae Hildbrand, Chrissy Maddison, Pauline Cheney Parker, Elaine Pearson, Lucie Shilton, Jane
Costume (Dyeing & Break-Down)
Gabrielle Firth, Nicola Killeen.


For Sadler’s Wells

Artistic Director & Chief Executive
Alistair Spalding CBE
Executive Producer
Suzanne Walker
Head of Producing & Touring
Bia Oliveira
Producer Hannah
Assistant Producer
Molly Jones
Head of Production
Adam Carrée
Marketing Manager
Sam McAuley, Jordan Archer
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Steven Lou
Head of Media & Communications
Caroline Ansdell
Media Officer
Laura Neil
Producing & Touring
Trainee Izzy Billington

For Universal Music UK

Executive Producer
Eliza Lumley

For ZooNation: The Kate Prince Company

Founder & Artistic Director
Kate Prince
Associate Artistic Director
Dannielle ‘Rhimes’ Lecointe
Executive Directors
Flo Buckeridge & Chantal Spiteri
Executive Producer
Sandra Castell Garcia
Annie Taylor-Gooby
General Manager
Sophie Cammack
Company Coordinator
Jasmine Cox
Agency Manager
Shannelle ‘Tali’ Fergus
Marketing & Communications Manager
Frankie Stansfield


Artwork, Design, Advertising & Trailer
Helen Maybanks, Johan Persson, Uli Weber
Promotional Filming
Stefan Demetriou (Globe Productions) & David Lopez-Edwards
Tour Booking
(UK & International) Kayte Potter, Fiona Buffham & Rebecca Bose for Great Leap
Tour Booking (North America)
Stephen Lindsay for The Road Company
Cherrytree Music Company (Sting’s Management)
Martin Kierszenbaum, Nicole VanGiesen, Meghan Johansson
Forge Ahead Media, Inc. (Sting PR)
Tracy Bufferd
DawBell (Sting UK PR)
Stu Bell, Dave Palmer
Physiotherapy Production
Physio Therapy

US General Management
Pemberley Productions
General Manager
Tim Smith
General Manager
Doreen Sayegh
Associate General Manager
Annie Shea Graney
Tour Manager
Florent Trioux
US Production Management Advisor
What If We Productions
Consulting Producer
Ken Greiner


Neil Adleman, Catherine Airey, Fiona Allan, Wei An Hwa, Kerry Andrews, Molly Andruskevicius, Tommas Arnby, Sacha Arnby-Lumley, Jonathan Badyal, Josh Baker, Nafisa Baba, Tony Barnes, Adam Barker, Robert Bassett, William Booth, Harry Bresslaw, Robia Milliner Brown, Melissa Bravo, Oliver Chapman, Fleur Clark, Katie Collins, Steve Cowton, Karen Dagg, Idney D’Almeida, Alex Doherty, Penny Duncanson, Claire Eason Bassett at English National Ballet Studios, Edwardian Hotels London, Onyemachi Ejimofor, Rachel Fallon, Julia Fawcett, Luke Ferrar, Tony Fletcher, Alex Ford, Cassie Gallagher, Natalie Gardiner, Simon Gillham, Good Chance, Robby Graham, Lucas Rhys Gregory Wildman, Chloe Hadley, Ellie Hartwell, Robin Jenkins, David Joseph, Ian Kagey, Daniel King, Molly Ladbrooke Hutt, Scott Landis, Evisa Limani, Milaim Limani, Tom Malone, Tom March, Justin Masterson, Dina Mousawi, Rose Montgomery, Asa Mohammed, Rutendo Mushaunga, Jemma Newby, Stephen Nowlan, Emma Pascoe at Edwin Shirley, Alex Sarmiento, Portia Oti, Laurence Pinkus, Daniel Phung, Andy Purves, Sophie Robertson, Marc Robinson, Kaycee Rice, Clive Rudd, Ellya Sam, David Sharpe, Chris Sudworth, Elijah Smith, Sammie Squires, Eckhard Thiemann, Florent Trioux, Selina Webb.

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