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    Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
Length – 1 H 10 Venue – Théâtre Maisonneuve, Place des Arts
4 May 2017 - 20 h 00
5 May 2017 - 20 h 00
6 May 2017 - 20 h 00

The icon of contemporary dance Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker will be presenting one of her masterpieces. Set to tonic music by Steve Reich and now part of the repertoire of the Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris, Rain is electrifying, hypnotic, exhilarating. Thrilling.

An international icon of the contemporary dance scene, Flemish choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker will be presenting one of her great masterpieces. Created in 2001, set to the driving music of Steve Reich and now part of the repertoire of the Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris, Rain delivers the quintessence of her choreographic genius and musical intelligence. It features infinite variations of vivid motifs repeated over and over, mathematical forms of rosettes taking shape in a space transformed into a playground. Her 10 dancers trace the incessant movement of life on a stage awash in soft light. The giant rope curtain hanging in a semicircle at the back of the stage reinforces the image of an animated landscape that their powerful yet quite natural dance conveys, an image emerging from tension and release, dizzying acceleration and sudden stops. An electrifying, hypnotic piece. Exhilarating.

“Her 2001 piece Rain, […], is not only a passionate avowal of her artform, it looks like the masterpiece towards which De Keersmaeker’s 20 year career has been heading.” − The Guardian, Newcastle

Interview with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker by Michaël Bellon

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  • Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

    Photo © Anne Van Aerschot

    Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

    In 1980, after studying dance at Mudra School in Brussels and Tisch School of the Arts in New York, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker (b. 1960) created Asch, her first choreographic work. Two years later came the premiere of Fase, Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich. De Keersmaeker established the dance company Rosas in Brussels in 1983, while creating the work Rosas danst Rosas. Since these breakthrough pieces, her choreog...

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  • Rosas

    Rosas is the company of the choreographer and dancer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. It was founded in 1983 during the creation of the piece Rosas danst Rosas. Since her debut in 1982 with Fase, Four Movements to the Music of Steve Reich, De Keersmaeker has been engaged in a rigorous exploration and articulation of movement, from its simplest forms to its most complex. The relationship between movement and music is essential to...

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Choreography Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.
Danced by Laura Bachman, Léa Dubois, Anika Edström Kawaji, Zoi Efstathiou, Yuika Hashimoto, Laura Maria Poletti, Soa Ratsifandrihana, Frank Gizycki, Robin Haghi/Lav Crnčević, Luka Švajda.
Music Music for 18 Musicians, Steve Reich.
Set and lighting design Jan Versweyveld.
Costume design Dries Van Noten.
Rehearsal director Jakub Truszkowski.
Assistants for the revival Jakub Truszkowski, Marta Coronado, Ursula Robb, Clinton Stringer, Fumiyo Ikeda, Taka Shamoto, Elizaveta Penkova, Igor Shyshko, Cynthia Loemij.
Artistic coordination and planning Anne Van Aerschot.
Technical director Joris Erven.
Costumes coordinator Heide Vanderieck, Jan Vanhoof.
Sewing Charles Gysele, Christine Picqueray, Maria Eva Rodriguez.
Wardrobe Emma Zune.
Technicians Joris de Bolle, Pierre Willems.
Production 2001 Rosas & De Munt/La Monnaie (Bruxelles).
Coproduction 2016 De Munt / La Monnaie (Brussels), Sadler’s Wells (London), Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg.
Première 10.01.2001, De Munt / La Monnaie (Brussels).
Rosas is supported by the Flemish Community.


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