Each year, Danse Danse supports artists by making rehearsal spaces available, thereby allowing them to deepen several aspects of their creative work.

2018-2019 Residencies

Louis-Elyan Martin : Canto Ostinato
Kyra Jean Green : The Man Who Travelled Nowhere in Time
Kim-Sanh Châu : Kaleidoscope
La Otra Orilla : MAGNETIKAE
Van Grimde Corps Secrets : EVE 2050
Esther Rousseau-Morin et Sylvain Lafortune : L'un L'autre
Tentacle Tribe : Ghost
RUBBERBAND : Vraiment doucement
Morgane Le Tiec : Au-delà des ecchymoses

2017-2018 Residencies

Andrew Skeels : Rose of Jericho
Alan Lake : Le cri des méduses
Clara Furey : Cosmic Love
Alexandra " Spicey " Landé : In-Ward
Jacques-Poulin Denis : Running Piece
Collectif LA TRESSE  : Nouvelle création (L'Encre Noire)
Andrea Peña : Nouvelle création

2016-2017 Residencies

Andrew Skeels : Rose of Jericho
Caroline Laurin-Beaucage : Habiter
Shay Kuebler : Telemetry
Clara Furey : Cosmic Love
Alan Lake : Le cri des méduses
Rhodnie Désir : MWOND
Frédéric Tavernini : Recherche
Anne Le Beau et Dave St-Pierre : suie

2015-2016 Residencies

PPS Danse : Bagne 
Compagnie Flak, José Navas : Rites 
Virginie Brunelle (Sid Lee)
Caroline Gravel : Documenter l'absence
Alan Lake 
Clara Furey 
Tentacle Tribe 
Anne Le Beau et Dave St-Pierre 

Artist's statement

"Rose of Jericho would never have come to fruition without the support and nurturing from Danse Danse. One of the many way that they aided Skeels Danse during the creation process of Rose of Jericho was through multiple residencies that they arranged at the Cinquième Salle, Arsenal Contemporary Art Gallery, and Centre de création O'Vertigo. These residencies were invaluable, offering us time to develop and integrate our set into the piece, develop a lighting design for the show, and enabling us to work onstage in performance conditions weeks before our premiere.  It is thanks to Danse Danse that Rose of Jericho saw such an incredible success."

Andrew Skeels, choreographer

Observation avant créationImprovisation en groupeMouvement d'ensemblePorté de groupeImprovisation de duoApprentissage des portés

Andrew Skeels (Skeels Danse) and Alan Lake (Alan Lake Factori(e)) with their dancers at CCOV - Centre de Création O Vertigo

Residencies partners

 Partenaire Danse à la Carte