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    Resid(a)nce - Parts+Labour_Danse

    David Albert-Toth , Emily Gualtieri
Length – s / o Venue – Cinquième Salle, Place des Arts
8 February 2021
9 February 2021
10 February 2021
11 February 2021
12 February 2021
13 February 2021

Efer, the new work from Parts+Labour_Danse

Each year, Danse Danse supports artists by making rehearsal spaces available, thereby allowing them to deepen several aspects of their creative work. Parts+Labor_Dance, will be in residence at Cinquième Salle at Place des Arts to work on their new creation Efer.

About the work
Efer deals with ashes as a symbol of both finality and renewal, in effect, an appropriate symbol of our times. Its symbolism of insignificance evokes disorientation and isolation. The universality of this emotional resonance, however, unites us - in loss we experience community and hope, transcendence and transformation. We are seeking, in this project and with its dancer-collaborators, for a way to speak about the liminal space created so violently by grief and loss, and to mine its transformative potential. How can we embody this state, simultaneously barren and brimming?

Not accessible to the public.

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  • David Albert-Toth

    Photo © Guzzo Desforges

    David Albert-Toth


    David Albert-Toth is a dancer, choreographer, composer, and co-artistic director of Parts+Labour_Danse. A disposition towards eclectic artistic encounters has led David to perform throughout North America and Europe. Notable collaborations include work with Frédérick Gravel, Human Playground, Lemieux.Pilon 4D-Art and Peter Trosztmer, Emmanuelle Calvé, and Compagnie Destins Croisés. He has contributed to int...

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  • Emily Gualtieri

    Photo © Guzzo Desforges

    Emily Gualtieri


    Emily Gualtieri is a Dora Award-nominated choreographer and dance artist working in both Montreal and Toronto. Since 2007, her keen interest in creation and craft has driven her to continually produce and tour new works every season. After several years spent choreographing independently, Emily began a creative partnership with David Albert-Toth, founding Parts+Labour_Danse in 2011. Their 2013 works In Mixed Co...

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  • Parts+Labour_Danse

    Established in 2011, Parts+Labour_Danse acts as a vehicle through which co-choreographers David Albert-Toth and Emily Gualtieri produce and present their work. The company explores the absurdist conflicts of the human experience with physically driven work that charms and challenges. With co-creation and shared authorship at the core of its identity, Parts+Labour_Danse approaches the creation of its works with curiosity, pe...

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Dancer-collaborators Charles Brecard, Léna Demnati, Maïka Giasson, Brianna Lombardo, Milan Panet-Gigon, Nicolas Patry, Fabien Piché, Geneviève Robitaille.

Lighting Designer Paul Chambers.


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