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Pricing (for school groups)

Danse danse pricing - school groups

Minuit quelque part

Théâtre Maisonneuve, Place des Arts
$47  | $40  | $33  | $25

School matinées: 25 $


School group privileges

  • Up to 45% off single tickets
  • 1 complimentary ticket offered for every 15 tickets purchased  
  • Learning Activity Guide available for each performance
  • Meet the Artists discussion every Wednesday and Friday evening

 Financial Aid 

Several measures exist to help you finance the cultural activities offered by Danse Danse*.

*(Danse Danse is part of the Culture-Education repertoire)

It is important to contact your school's administration or the culture-education resource person to help you with your project! If you do not know the name of the resource person, you can contact the Direction of the General Education in the Youth sector (MEES) at 418-644-5240 or at politique-culturelle@education.gouv.qc.ca

Access to dance program

Free tickets (limited quantity) for certain organizations and schools benefiting from the Agir autrement measure. Thanks to our Join the Dance program