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    Emily Gualtieri, David Albert-Toth
Creators Series Partner
Hydro Québec
Length – 60 min. Venue – Cinquième Salle, Place des Arts
16 November 2021 - 20 h 00
17 November 2021 - 20 h 00
18 November 2021 - 20 h 00
19 November 2021 - 20 h 00
20 November 2021 - 20 h 00

NOVEMBER 19 & 20 - 20 h 00

Through strikingly physical dance, Parts+Labour_Danse addresses themes of loss, loneliness, community, and the transformative power of grief. An ode to the unknown, infused with hope.

Parts+Labour_Danse is two choreographers who have become increasingly prominent in recent years. Emily Gualtieri and David Albert-Toth explore the ambiguities of the human experience in high-energy works that captivate and challenge audiences. Collaboration is the keyword of their creative universe, shaped by the contribution of performers and designers intimately involved in the creative process. Efer, their most ambitious work to date, means “ashes” in Hebrew, a symbol of both finitude and renewal. Seven intensely focused performers invest the in-between, a space that is neither here nor there, between the never again and the not yet, the empty and the full. A contemporary ritual that underlines the paradox between our presence in the world and the inevitability of our one day becoming ashes and dust.

Evening program

Place des Arts' sanitary measures


Also available in live streaming on October 22 + 23.

The webcast is only available live, at the same time as the show, with no possibility of replay.


Also available in live streaming on November 19 & 20.

The webcast is only available live, at the same time as the show, with no possibility of replay.

Tickets start at $44.00

Post-performance talk with the artists

    Wednesday November 17, 2021
    Friday November 19, 2021

  • Emily Gualtieri

    Photo © Guzzo Desforges

    Emily Gualtieri


    Emily Gualtieri is a Dora Award-nominated choreographer and dance artist working in both Montreal and Toronto. Since 2007, her keen interest in creation and craft has driven her to continually produce and tour new works every season. After several years spent choreographing independently, Emily began a creative partnership with David Albert-Toth, founding Parts+Labour_Danse in 2011. Their 2013 works In Mixed Co...

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  • David Albert-Toth

    Photo © Guzzo Desforges

    David Albert-Toth


    David Albert-Toth is a dancer, choreographer, composer, and co-artistic director of Parts+Labour_Danse. A disposition towards eclectic artistic encounters has led David to perform throughout North America and Europe. Notable collaborations include work with Frédérick Gravel, Human Playground, Lemieux.Pilon 4D-Art and Peter Trosztmer, Emmanuelle Calvé, and Compagnie Destins Croisés. He has contributed to int...

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  • Parts+Labour_Danse

    Established in 2011, Parts+Labour_Danse acts as a vehicle through which co-choreographers David Albert-Toth and Emily Gualtieri produce and present their work. The company explores the absurdist conflicts of the human experience with physically driven work that charms and challenges. With co-creation and shared authorship at the core of its identity, Parts+Labour_Danse approaches the creation of its works with curiosity, pe...

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Creation David Albert-Toth and Emily Gualtieri.
Produced by Parts+Labour_Danse.

Dancer-collaborators Charles Brecard, Léna Demnati, Maïka Giasson, Brianna Lombardo, Milan Panet-Gigon, Nicolas Patry, Frédérique Pelletier, Fabien Piché, Geneviève Robitaille.
On stage Charles Brecard, Léna Demnati, Maïka Giasson, Brianna Lombardo, Milan Panet-Gigon, Nicolas Patry, Fabien Piché.

Lighting and Set Designer Paul Chambers.
Composer and Sound Director Antoine Berthiaume.
Costume Designer Nalo Soyini Bruce.
Rehearsal Director Jamie Wright.
Technical Director and Board Mateo Barrera.
Booking Agent Sarah Rogers.
Production Direction Dominique Sarrazin, Mateo Barrera.
Video & Livestream Direction Robin Pineda Gould.

Viking written by David Albert-Toth in collaboration with Victoria Côté.
Curtains written by Brianna Lombardo, David Albert-Toth and Emily Gualtieri, with contribution by Milan Panet-Gigon.

This work is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts, le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, and le Conseil des arts de Montréal.

Coproduction Danse Danse, Diffusion Hector-Charland, La Rotonde.
Partners Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique, Danse à la carte, Studio Flak, ELAN.


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