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    Yo, Carmen

    María Pagés
Length – 1 H 20 Venue – Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier (reduced configuration)
29 September 2016 - 20 h 00
30 September 2016 - 20 h 00
1 October 2016 - 20 h 00

Yo, Carmen

The passionate María Pagés transcends the legendary character of Carmen in a vibrant ode to femininity. Accompanied by 7 dancers and 7 musicians performing live, she stands out once again as an iconic figure of flamenco. From the Bizet opera she retains a fine melodic line and draws also from the popular music repertoire. From the tale of the sultry gypsy with the fateful destiny emerges a multifaceted, sincere and forceful woman. In 10 scenes sculpted by the lighting, she sketches a portrait of the eternal feminine free of prejudice and conventions, endowed with the voice of all women. The fiery bodies of the dancers undulate and prance, their feet rooted to the floor while pounding out fierce rhythms. Their arms cleave the air with endless curls and scrolls as their voices fill the space. Songs are sung by two women, words are chanted by all in unison, poems by women writers are recited in many languages. Powerful and delectable.

“… it is not often that one gets to see a true master at work, but when it happens, it is magical.” − Live, Singapore

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The passionate María Pagés transcends the legendary character of Carmen in a vibrant ode to femininity. Accompanied by 7 dancers and 7 musicians, she once again confirms her reputation as an emblematic, world-famous flamenco dancer. Flamboyant.

  • María Pagés

    Photo © Miquel González

    María Pagés

    Maria Pagés was born in Sevilla. She is internationally renowned for her personal aesthetic concept of the art of flamenco. Comprehending that Art has no limits, she has conquered a place in her own right in the global dance panorama. Using the fundamental codes of the Flamenco language, researching within and beyond this language, Pagés has proved to be a pioneer in the understanding of Flamenco as an Art in evolution, c...

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  • María Pagés Compañía

    Latest company's presentation in Quebec

    The María Pagés Compañía have been created in 1990 by the dancer and choreographer María Pagés. The company produced many works such as Sol y Sombra (1990), De la luna al viento (1994), El Perro Andaluz. Burlerías (1996), La Tirana (1998), Flamenco Republic (2001), Canciones antes de una guerra (2004), Sevilla (2006), Autorretrato (2008), Flamenco y Poesía (2008), Mirada (2010) and Utopía (2011).

    During those years ...

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Idea, Direction and Choreography María Pagés. Dramaturgy El Arbi El Harti  Dance María Pagés, Eva Varela, María Vega, Virginia Muñoz, Marta Gálvez, Nuria Martínez, Julia Gimeno, Sara Pérez. Singing Ana Ramón, Loreto de Diego. Guitar Rubén Levaniegos, José Carrillo “Fyty”. Percussions José Barrios, Chema Uriarte. Cello Sergio Menem. Violin David Moñiz. Music George Bizet, Sebastián Yradier, Rubén Levaniegos, Sergio Menem, David Moñiz, María Pagés. Poems María Zambrano, Widdad Benmoussa, Akiko Yosano, Marguerite Yourcenar, Margaret Atwood, Belén Reyes, El Arbi El Harti, María Pagés. Lighting Design Pau Fullana. Costume Design María Pagés. Choreography Assistant José Barrios. Dyeing of Materials and Paintings Taller María Calderón. Costume Makers Sandra Calderón, Ángel Domingo. Dance floor Harlequin Liberty.



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