Margie Gillis Dance Foundation

At the time of its creation in 1981, the Margie Gillis Dance Foundation was inspired by these words and strived to manifest in dance a vision of the human condition. Margie portrays our weaknesses and vulnerabilities. She celebrates our hopes and the power of creation and healing. 

The Legacy Project is an ever-evolving undertaking initiated in 2015, devoted to sharing Margie Gillis’ creative history and philosophy. After nearly 50 years of prolific creation, Gillis begins a new artistic era. This project has allowed her to review her practice from a different perspective and gradually open her soloist universe to other artists. The Legacy Project was born at the persistant requests of many members of the dance community. Evolutions was launched in 2017 with the nine Legacy dancers who performed a selection of Gillis’ repertoire, and was presented in Canada and the United States. Three years later, in Literature of the Body, the Legacy dancers deepen the process by interpreting her choreography with integrity, passion and independence, infusing their own personality and skill to both repertoire pieces and new works.