Jean-Pierre Perreault

Jean-Pierre Perreault © Michael Slobodian

Jean-Pierre Perreault (1947-2002), one of the most important Canadian choreographers and winner of several prestigious national awards, is recognized for his global conception of his works. Perreault is known for works such as Rodolphe (1983), Joe (1984), Stella (1985), Nuit (1986), Flykt (1991), created for the Ballet Cullberg, Adieux (1993), La vita (1993), Les années de pèlerinage (1995), Eironos (1996), L’exil, l’oubli (1999), and a series of choreographic installations (1994, 1997 and 2000). A thoroughly committed artist, Perreault was responsible for the stage design, choreography, lighting and sound design of all his work. He placed fragile beings – intense, authentic and “Perreault-esque” – in a world of vast architectural spaces. Racing, jumping, ruptures, sounds and rhythms are the features of Perreault’s style, a dance with deep roots in space and place and which, in part, creates its own music. Jean-Pierre Perreault’s work constantly brings us face to face with human nature.

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