International Dance Day \ 2

At the invitation of the Regroupement québécois de la danse (RQD), Janie Richard and Márcio Vinícius Paulino Silveira have delivered a unifying message for International Dance Day 2020. Adapting to physical distancing measures aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19, the duo - winners of Season 2 of the show Révolution - invited numerous artists and dance lovers to contribute to a video in which each participant dances from the confines of their home in an effort to connect with others. 

Some 100 Quebecers of all ages and from all horizons took part in this joint project by filming themselves at home, alone or with their families. Artist and filmmaker Bobby León stitched together their free, expressive, nostalgic and joyful dances, and the result is a moving dialogue that emphasizes the extent to which dance is expressive, accessible and without borders.

Québec Message for International Dance Day 2020

Journée internationale de la danse - Québec

Dance embodies multitudes. Now art, now sport, it is enriched by 1,001 styles, from classical to swing, salsa, vogue and breakdance. Each possesses its own steps, movements and colours, in the same way that each language has its own words, idioms and accents. But that’s where the comparison ends, as there are no language barriers in dance. A choreography speaks to us and touches us, and we grow through it, even if we don’t quite understand all its subtleties, codes and secrets. 

Dance holds the power to transcend our differences and bring us together, as it draws on a form of communication accessible to everyone: universal communication conveyed through the body. Regardless of whom we are dancing with and where, be it on a stage or a television set, in a kitchen, at a family party or with friends, we can all feel its energy coursing through our veins and reaching into our hearts. This real, fabulously contagious energy unifies us and makes us feel good.

Dance also gives us a unique opportunity to express our dreams and desires, even those we dare not say aloud. In this sense, it is the language of freedom. Let us dance when we feel sadness or uncertainty, therefore. Let us dance when we’re happy, when we feel inspired and want to inspire others. Let us dance so we can better understand, feel connected to, and love one another. Let us dance for the sheer pleasure of doing so. 

Because when we dance, we are absolutely and marvellously authentic.

Janie Richard and Márcio Vinícius Paulino Silveira