Frankie Perez

Photo Frankie Perez © Frankie Perez.

Frankie Perez is a New York & Montreal based Dominican American artist whose visual identity is informed by his background as a world class breakdancer. His practice is a form of dreaming out loud that shifts between dance, photography, and filmmaking in which each medium feeds one another. The way he moves can be considered complex. Complexity turns into a process oriented style of imagery steeped in colour, grit, and an embrace of mistakes. That process finds its way into the films he writes and directs that explore themes about art as a form of obsession. His attitude towards creating lies in looking at different types of subject matter from all those points of view with an intention to bring more life, more value, more beauty, more freedom, and more scrutiny to the way things were before his work was experienced. Insight from disruption and meaning within a hyperconnected world is what he hopes an observer may gain from appreciating what he creates.

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