Photo © Guzzo Desforges. Interprètes Brianna Lombardo, Milan Panet-Gigon.


David Albert-Toth + Emily Gualtieri

November 16 - 20, 2021
Cinquième Salle, Place des Arts

Live webcast on November 19 + 20, 2021.

A Danse Danse co-production.
Parts+Labour_Danse has benefitted from a Danse Danse residency at Circuit-Est.



65 min. without intermission

Meet the artists

Wednesday, November 17 + Friday, November 19, 2021

Creators Series Partner  Hydro Québec


Caroline Ohrt + Pierre Des Marais

Dear loyal audience,

This week we bring you some strong and essential voices from the new generation. Emily Gualtieri and David Albert-Toth of Parts+Labour_Danse are artists we have been fortunate enough to see blossom into true leaders. Their sensibility and vision are very much in tune with our times. Keep your eyes peeled—you’ll be seeing more of them! 

We wish you a wonderful time in this intimate venue and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Pierre Des Marais – Executive Director and Artistic Co-direcor
Caroline Ohrt – Artistic Co-direcor and Director of Development


Danse Danse acknowledges that we are gathered on the traditional and unceded territory of the Kanien’keha:ka Nation. We honour the continued presence of Indigenous peoples on the Tiohtiá:ke (Montreal) territory, which has long served as a meeting place for exchanges between nations, and we are grateful for the opportunity to present live works of art here.

Danse Danse


Executive Director and Artistic Co-director Pierre Des Marais. Artistic Co-director and Director of Development Caroline Ohrt. Director, Accounting and Administration Kim Hoang, CPA, CGA. Production Manager Hervé Holdrinet. Director, Sales, Marketing and Communications Hélène Nadeau. Coordinator, Communications Julia Giehler. Media Relations Sheila Skaiem. Manager, Cultural Action and New Audiences Claire Oliver Coordinator, Philanthropic Development Agathe Henninger Administrative Assistant and Customer Service Agent Evelyne Fournier. Stage Technicians Le Regroupement des techniciens de scène du Québec.

Board of Directors

President Emmanuelle Poupart, Partner – McCarthy Tétrault LLP. Vice President Michèle Meier, MBA, ASC, Senior Vice-President, Global Communications & Marketing - SNC LavalinTreasurer Thierry Pejot-Charrost, CPA, CA, Vice-President, Internal Audit and Risk Management – Transat A.T. IncAdministrators Anik Bissonnette, Artistic Director - École supérieure de Ballet du Québec, Chantal Bouvier, President and CEO - Le Cercle des présidents du Québec. Nathalie Brunet, Portfolio manager and Investment advisor - National Bank Financial. Pierre Des Marais, Executive Director and Artistic Codirector – Danse Danse. Jonathan Lachapelle, CFA, Director, Portfolio Construction, Total Portfolio - Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec. Sebastien Leblond, President & CEO - Capital RainMKRS Inc. Lucy Riddell, Vice Chair - R. Howard Webster Foundation.

Advisory Committee, Communications and Marketing

Michèle Meier, MBA, ASC, Senior Vice-President, Global Communications & Marketing - SNC Lavalin. Delphine Hareux, Director, Marketing and Client Experience, BDC Business Development Bank of Canada. Isabelle Brosseau, Program Director - Rouge 107,3.


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Photo Caroline Ohrt + Pierre Des Marais © Damián Siqueiros.

Emily GualtieriDavid Albert-Toth


As creators, we know that we will inevitably end up here, at the premiere. Except that this time, we didn’t know if we would make it to this feeling again, to the eye of the storm in which the absolute paralyzing fear meets the hope that the audience will go on this journey with us.

At the moment of writing this, everything could still go sideways, but if you’re reading this, we’ve come this far. We’ve arrived. This feeling of arrival is not one we take lightly.

Creating a work on loss, during a year marked by precisely that, will leave you stumbling across the finish line battered and bruised, a pretty face with a broken smile. The work is about what it is to be torn, to have something taken away from you, to try your best to connect in spite of an emptiness that won’t go away. We’ve mourned together and continue to mourn, but there is time for everything under the sun. A time to dance and a time to refrain from dancing. Tonight, with all our might, it is truly an honour to share this space with you. 

Emily Gualtieri and David Albert-Toth


Photo Emily Gualtieri + David Albert-Toth © Guzzo Desforges.


Parts+Labour_Danse consists of two Montreal choreographers who have become increasingly prominent in recent years. Emily Gualtieri and David Albert-Toth explore the ambiguities of the human experience in dynamic works that captivate and challenge audiences. Pitting the concrete against fantasy, collaboration is the key word in their creative universe, shaped by the contributions of performers and designers intimately involved in the creative process. The methods they devise involve a call-and-response approach to collaboration that has given rise to the company’s unique vocabulary, which pits the performer between script and spontaneity, in a state of constant renewal and presence. Their works play liberally with theatrical codes in an effort to propel their audiences towards unforeseen and enthralling experiences that explore our dreams, and our regrets, from our innermost reflections to the farthest reaches of our expression.

Following their publicly- and critically-acclaimed 2013 works La chute and In Mixed Company, Emily and David presented La vie attend in Montreal, opening Danse-Cité’s 2017-18 season at théâtre La Chapelle. Following a sold-out two week run, the work went on to tour in Atlantic Canada and Toronto, where it was nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore award for Outstanding Ensemble before closing with a Montreal-based CAM en tournée.

In November 2021, the pair premiere their new ensemble work at Danse Danse, Efer with a cast of seven dancers, at Cinquième Salle, Place des Arts. Efer has been chosen as part of the Official Selection for the Parcours Danse Biennale in Montreal, with a web diffusion on December 3rd 2021.

David and Emily regularly teach masterclasses and workshops, have been called upon for nearly a dozen commissioned works on a national level, and have recently begun more international activity. David and Emily have been Artists in Residence at Concordia University (2019 - 2020) and Compagnie Flak (2019 - 2022).


Efer is a reflection of a deeply personal connection we have both had with grief. It was important for us to create a work that delved into the dual impact of presence and absence. We were inspired by what we’ve always felt were two sides to grief : isolation, despair, and even disorientation - and on the other hand, community, resilience, and even humour. Through this process, we transcend ourselves - we transform.

This work is incredibly dear to our hearts and has been in the works for many years. Little did we know that the world would have other plans. This work would have been completely different had it not been for a pandemic; we would have touch, we would have intimacy, we would have the work we had imagined. But those were not the circumstances.

We forged on, and for a long time the restrictions also became the work: the distanced bodies, the concealed faces, and our team’s distance from us. We were making a work about grief, loss, and community without being able to fully be ourselves. In many ways, the confinements of our current climate have shaped this work, defining its aesthetic and physicality. And yet, the essence of the work remains: a story of loss, transformation, and hope. In finding connection when we are far, and in finding beauty in the darkness.


A Parts+Labour_Danse production.

Concept and creation David Albert-Toth and Emily Gualtieri

Dancers and creative collaborators Charles Brecard, Léna Demnati, Maïka Giasson, Brianna Lombardo, Milan Panet-Gigon, Nicolas Patry, Frédérique Pelletier, Fabien Piché, Geneviève Robitaille.  

On stage Charles Brecard, Léna Demnati, Maïka Giasson, Brianna Lombardo, Milan Panet-Gigon, Nicolas Patry, Fabien Piché.

Lighting and Set Designer Paul Chambers.

Composer Antoine Berthiaume.

Costume Designer Nalo Soyini Bruce.

Props Consultant Marc-Alexandre Brulé.

Rehearsal Director Jamie Wright.

Outside eye Helen Simard.

Technical Director & Board Mateo Barrera.

International Agent Sarah Rogers.

Production Manager Dominique Sarrazin.

Texts Viking written by David Albert-Toth in collaboration with Victoria Côté. Curtains written by Brianna Lombardo, David Albert-Toth and Emily Gualtieri, with contributions from Milan Panet-Gigon.

Co-production Danse Danse, Diffusion Hector-Charland, La Rotonde.

Partners Circuit-Est, Danse à la carte, Studio Flak, ELAN (English Language Arts Network).

Parts+Labour_Danse has benefitted from a Danse Danse residency at Circuit-Est.

This work is made possible through the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Conseil des arts de Montréal.

A work on loss created during a period marked by precisely that. By solitude and isolation, by a disorienting suspension of time. But also, by perseverance and by finding new ways to connect - with each other, as a community. And come together, we did. Together in our disorientation, shuffling each other towards the end of a path and the beginning of a place to call our own. Thank you Caroline and Pierre for believing in Efer before it began to exist, and for the support you have offered us and this project. Thank you Milan, Nicolas, Brianna, Fabien, Léna, Maïka, Charles, Geneviève, and Frédérique for coming along on this journey, and for forging this path with us towards the unknown. Thank you Paul for shining the light, Antoine for ringing the bells, Nalo for draping us, and Marc-Alexandre for covering our tracks. Thank you Jamie, Helen and Sarah for keeping us focused on our destination. Thank you Mateo and Dominique for helping us keep the vessel intact as we row through all kinds of waters. Thank you Robin for capturing it all, as only you do.

To our mothers and sisters, you are everything to us - Christine, Beatrice, Vanessa, Brigitte, and Emilie. Thank you to our fathers - we miss you.

Thank you to our dear board members, past and present, who have helped us build ourselves into who we are today: Patrick, Maud, Tessa, Tau, Fannie, Anne-Flore, Angélique, and Amy. Thank you Hélène for helping us find our cornerstone footing.

Thank you Francine, François, Daniel, and Philippe at Circuit-Est, thank you José and Adrien, thank you Lisa, thank you Marie-Hélène and Annie-Claude, for all that you’ve offered us and this project.

Thank you Karl for being our healer and Maria for all your help.

Thank you ELAN, Canada Council for the Arts, le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, and le Conseil des arts de Montréal for supporting this project.


Vikings (Nicolas)

One day, I will lose it all
I will be left with nothing
I will be nothing but a void

I will open my arms
I'll take it all
I'll engulf all the space
I'm going to swell up
I will be bigger
Bigger than this planet
I'm gonna swallow the sun, space, all the universe
I will take it all, and it will be mine

I will move forward, step by step
Towards unknown shores
Towards foreign lands
I will swallow everything, and consume it all

I will destroy everything
I will wipe out the universe and throw it all out
There will be nothing left
Nothing bad, nothing ugly
Nothing good, nothing beautiful
There will be only me
Everything will belong to me
Everything will be mine and I will destroy it all
I'll earn your bitterness and I will savour it
I will bathe in your ultimate respect, bask in your gaze
You will be my ally, defeated

I will take everything - unknown shores, foreign worlds...
I will be a Viking
I'll plunder everything, burn it all, make it disappear
I'll build anew
In my own way. 
I will rebuild everything my way. 
It will be my era.
It will be mine.

And then, I will exhale the whole universe from my lungs
I will blow out the wind, spit out the sea
I will offer it all away, empty it all out of me, give it all up
And I will lose everything. I will lose it all
And I will be small
Smaller than a fly, than a tear, ... than a spark
I'll be extinguished, I'll disappear
And it will be dark
And you will know me then

I will be Viking and it will be beautiful
Violent, enormous
A rebirth - Everything anew, in my way. It will be mine. Mine alone

Curtains (Brianna)

I am an open book
I am a blank page
I am beginning
I am the pen touching the paper
Ballpoint summoning ink

I am welcoming, I am beginning.
I am the crack of dawn, 
I am light sommeting the horizon
I am the one - the only one
I am life

I am curtains opening and lungs expanding
I am oxygen, hydrogen and vitamin D
I am fresh.

I am future
I am open arms and hungry lips, and heart beating
I am reaching hands and curled toes
I am piercing cry, I am first step.

I am sacks and ligaments and fascia and tissue and bone
I am piss and shit.

I’m the first day of spring
I move like a song
I’m your wildest dreams
I’m your best fuck
I’m down, I’m all in - I’m game, baby!
I’m the GOAT

I’m the bloody show
I’m the Big Bang 
I’m buds on branches
I’m Burning bush and Phoenix rising
I’m a burning ring of fire

I am stardust
I am foreign lands and unknown shores
I am where no one has gone before.

I’m the unknown, the unknowable
I am endings
I am raging fires and floods and famine and disease
I’m the desert sun at high noon
I am hail storm - I am heaven and hell

I am discarded, I am without purpose
I am apple core and banana peel
I’m a shell
I am empty bottles and dirty dishes
I’m the lingering scent in an empty room
I am a ripple on the water.

I’m a closed casket
I am six feet under
Rocks on a tomb, I am dust and ashes
I am clad in black
Efer v’efer
I am scorched

I’m a memory, a fading dream

I’m a mess
I’m alone
I’m not who I was
I’m less than
I’m not myself

I am folded arms and dry lips and still heart and cold hands

I’m the last bow
The last word of the last chapter
I am closed books and last breath
I am hands held
The end.
I’m the “I came in with something and I’m leaving with nothing”
Nada, zip, zilch
I’m empty pockets

I’m go home, man, show’s over
Thanks for the times and the loves and the laughs

I’m out
I’m done, I’m gone baby
I’m curtains, closed


Fabien PichéFabien Piché
Fabien grew up in Trois-Pistoles, in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region. He completed his training at the École de danse de Québec in 2010. Since then, he has acted mainly as a performer in various collaborations with Alan Lake (Le Cri des méduses, L'effritement des parades), Harold Rhéaume (P.artition B.lanche), Karine Ledoyen (Trois Paysages), Théâtre Rude Ingénierie (Dreamland, (ENTRE)), Lina Cruz, Jacynthe Carrier, Parts+Labour_Danse. He explores the transdisciplinary performative act within the project Les prés and in collaboration with Olivier Arteau (La pudeur des urinoirs). In recent years, he has danced Running Piece, a marathon solo by Jacques Poulin-Denis, and a short solo bequeathed by Paul-André Fortier to the Maison pour la danse. His creative path is punctuated by the search for empathic connection, tinkering and DIY aesthetics, the spirit of celebration, and cosmic sensations.

Brianna LombardoBrianna Lombardo
Brianna Lombardo completed her professional training at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre, and then worked with various international artists in Europe on a Chalmers Arts Fellowship. Since then, she worked in Toronto with Michael Trent and Matjash Mrozewski and in Montreal with Isabelle Van Grimde and Jean-Pierre Perreault before joining O Vertigo from 2004 to 2010. After six years with the company, she worked closely with Mélanie Demers (MAYDAY), Jacques Poulin-Denis (Grand Poney), Frédérick Gravel, Caroline Laurin-Beaucage, Martin Messier, Sasha Ivanochko, Helen Simard, Montréal Danse, Daniel Léveillé Danse, and Parts+Labour_Danse. Brianna is a certified yoga teacher with a focus on yoga for dancers as well as teaching O Vertigo, MAYDAY and Frédérick Gravel repertory since 2010.

Milan Panet-GigonMilan Panet-Gigon
Milan Panet-Gigon discovered urban dance as a teenager and trains amongst established crews in Montreal. Apprentice with the Solid State Company in 2006, he became interested in the fusion of different styles before graduating from Concordia University's choreography in contemporary dance program. Since 2011, he has collaborated as a performer to the creation of multiple works with various artists, notably Dave St-Pierre, Virginie Brunelle, Sasha Kleinplatz, PPS Danse, Part+Labour_Danse and Le Carré des lombes. He stands out as a gifted, athletic and versatile performer. Milan is interested in teaching floor work and partner work. He has taught intensive workshops in Quebec, France and Italy.

Nicolas Patry Nicolas Patry
Through multiple artistic encounters over the past thirteen years, Nicolas has developed and committed himself to a sensitive and meaningful dance practice. His path has been greatly nourished by his encounter with artist Danièle Desnoyers, with whom he has collaborated on the works of the company Le Carré des Lombes since 2013. Nicolas seeks to renew himself with each project, seeing the potential of the body and dance as multiple and infinite. In 2019, he directed his first major dance project: a revamped choreographic commissioning project for three choreographers. He recently worked on a first co-creation with artist James Viveiros: Jötunn, presented in 2021.

Léna DemnatiLéna Demnati
Originally from France, Léna began her professional training at the Conservatoire National de Lyon, graduating with honours. She perfected her skills at the École de danse contemporaine de Montréal, where she worked with many renowned choreographers. In 2015, she was selected to participate in several intensive workshops that confirmed her passion for the complexity of movement: Deltebre with Wim Vandekeybus and Akram Khan, Springboard Danse Montreal with German choreographer Johannes Wieland and some of the dancers of the company Hofesh Shechter. In Montreal, Léna collaborates with several choreographers including Mélanie Demers, Dana Gingras, Castel_Blast, Léa Tremblay Fong, Isabelle Van Grimde, Stefania Skoryna, as well as David Albert-Toth and Emily Gualtieri / Parts+Labour_Danse. Passionate about the human body, she is also studying Nutrition full-time at the University of Montreal.

Maïka GiassonMaïka Giasson
Originally from Montreal, Maïka Giasson was professionally trained at École de danse contemporaine de Montréal, where she graduated in 2017. She received two scholarships, Sofia-Borella and TransFormation Danse, which helped her launch her professional career. At the age of 21 she traveled to Europe to follow intensive training workshops at B12 (Germany) and P.A.R.T.S (Belgium). Since then, she has worked with several Montreal artists such as Jacques Poulin-Denis, Stacey Désilier and Parts+Labour_Danse. She is also co-choreographer and performer of Tracking, an uncommon dance duo premiered in 2021. mondiale en 2021.

Charles BrecardCharles Brecard
Born and raised in New Caledonia from the Vietnamese diaspora, Charles Brecard arrived in Tio’tia:ke / Montreal in 2013 before graduating from École de danse contemporaine de Montréal. As a performer he collaborated with several artists such as Parts+Labour_Danse, Dana Gingras, AP&A and Skeels Danse. His limitless curiosity drives him to develop his personal practice which he named FLUIDIFY, influenced by his background in street, folk and contemporary dances, and by his profession as a sports massage therapist. It allows him to choreograph commissioned works for schools, companies and festivals or independent projects locally and internationally. His works have been renowned and presented in New Brunswick, Quebec, France and Germany. He co-initiated Le Bercail, aiming for greater accessibility in dance for the audience and artists. Lastly, he won the prize of the Best Interpretation for his solo-piece SOLILOQUY.

Photos Fabien Piché © Emilie Dumais. Brianna Lombardo © Frédérick Gravel. Milan Panet-Gigon © Camille Tellier. Nicolas Patry © Claudia Chan Tak. Léna Demnati © Julie Artacho. Maïka Giasson © Élisabeth Benoit. Charles Brecard © Valerie Dubuc.

Ballet BC


Triple bill (Medhi Walerski, Crystal Pite, Sharon Eyal)
December 1. 2. 3. 4, 2021, Théâtre Maisonneuve

Ballet BC invites you to spend an evening with three outstanding choreographers: Sharon Eyal, with her hypnotic Bedroom Folk, set to the rhythm of house music; Crystal Pite, with The Statement, a plunge into the heart of political conflicts; and Medhi Walerski, Ballet BC’s new artistic director, with GARDEN, a transfiguration in dance of a Saint-Saëns quintet. A high point.

Dance workshop open to all
December 4, 2021, on the stage of Théâtre Maisonneuve

Come and dance! Ballet BC dancer Livona Ellis will introduce you to her practice. The workshop is designed for amateurs. Space is limited.


Babel 7.16

EASTMAN \ Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui + Damien Jalet

Babel 7.16
December 8 - 19, webcast on demand

At the crossroads of dance, theatre and music, 23 dancers of diverse backgrounds come together with fantastic energy in Babel 7.16, a show by Belgian choreographers Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Damien Jalet. An exhilarating and exotic journey where all languages meet and mingle.

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