Danse Danse Awards

Danse Danse Award - École supérieure de Ballet du Québec

Every year since 2011, Danse Danse has joined forces with the École supérieure de Ballet du Québec (ESBQ) to pay tribute to a graduating dance student for his or her outstanding work and effort during the course of studies in the school's professional dance program.

Currently under the direction of Anik Bissonnette, the ESBQ was founded in 1966 by Ludmilla Chiriaeff to train professional dancers of international calibre.

2019: Claire Campbell. 2018: Rose Trahan. 2017: Constance Aubry. 2016: Pierre-Émile Lemieux-Venne. 2015: Ève-Marie Dalcourt. 2014: Mariya Kyrychenko.

Danse Danse Scholarship - Transformation Danse

In 2015 Danse Danse established a scholarship to help a participating student in the Transformation Danse program.

Transformation Danse offers a series of intensive workshops for professional and pre-professional dancers seeking new avenues of inspiration and an opportunity to develop their technique and  creative skills. 

Danse Danse Award - Académie de danse d’Outremont

A new award established by Danse Danse in 2016, this commendation is presented to a hard-working high school student who has made remarkable progress at the Académie de danse d’Outremont.

The Académie de danse d’Outremont was established in 1992 and offers a dance program focused on personal development in the school's program of top-notch artistic training.

Danse Danse AwardWinner 2019, Claire Campbell