Compagnie Maguy Marin - Salves

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    Maguy Marin
Length – 1 h 10 Venue – Théâtre Maisonneuve, Place des Arts
26 September 2013 - 20 h 00
27 September 2013 - 20 h 00
28 September 2013 - 20 h 00

More than ever there is a sense of urgency, a pressing need to open our eyes in a world slipping away from us, an urge to face the broken dreams of humanity seemingly programmed to polish the weapons of its own destruction, visibly incapable of learning from its mistakes. A resolutely lucid and committed artist, Maguy Marin once again sounds the alarm with Salves which, since its inception in 2010, has been acclaimed by critics and performed to often sold-out houses. She has choreographed our personal and collective chaos with fragmented staging distinctly her own.

Into rays of light piercing the semi-darkness within, she slips a pulsating slide show of stories big and small. One tableau quickly follows another, replete with dynamic characters and symbols: a helicopter-borne figure of Christ, a Marianne guiding the French revolution, the Statue of Liberty broken into a thousand pieces, a vase smashed beyond repair, all with a nod and a wink to many renowned painters from Goya to Picasso, Delacroix and Warhol, plus the films of Fellini and iconic figures like Elvis Presley, as images both somber and ludicrous rush past in an ambience suggesting a curfew reinforced by a piercing soundtrack. In this mad rush to save what remains from destruction, we discover the power and hope of a united and combative humanity.

A somber and luminous piece, an act of resistance.

“Like a burst of machine gun fire where the flash from every bullet lights up the night for a. fraction of a second, Salves is an explosive experience for both the spectators and the seven dancers summoned to move forward dangerously in the middle of the night.” (La Dépêche, Toulouse, France)

“Political in the fullest sense of the term, this piece sounds the alarm about a sick world where rage still transcends despair.” (Le Monde, Paris, France)

Photo 1 © Didier Grappe. Dancers Ennio Sammarco, Ulises, Alvarez, Vania Vaneau, Agustina Sario, Jeanne Vallauri, Teresa Cunha.
Photo 2 © Didier Grappe. Dancer Vania Vaneau.
Photo 3 © Jean-Pierre Maurin. Dancer Vania Vaneau.

Major figure of new French dance, Maguy Marin bombards the audience with the salvo attack of Salves, its striking images evoking a world in crisis. With dancers of explosive energy and meticulously choreographed staging, this powerful work is tinged with both the serious and the farcical.

  • Maguy Marin

    Photo © Michel Cavalca

    Maguy Marin

    Born in Toulouse to Spanish parents who fled the Franco regime, Maguy Marin has been creating since the 1970s socially conscious dance pieces that have made her one of the most important figures of new French dance. The many awards she has received include the prestigious Bessie Award for Umwelt (presented in Montreal in 2007). She is also one of the rare non-Americans to have received the American Dance Festival Award. She...

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Conception Maguy Marin in collaboration with Denis Mariotte.

Dancers Ulises Alvarez, Romain Bertet, Kaïs Chouibi, Laura Frigato, Daphné Koutsafti, Mayalen Otondo, Jeanne Vallauri.

Assistant Ennio Sammarco.

Technical Direction and Lighting Design Alexandre Béneteaud.

Set Design Michel Rousseau.

Props Louise Gros and Pierre Treille.

Costume Design Nelly Geyres.

Sound Design Antoine Garry.

Realized with the Service de Coopération et d'Action Culturelle du Consulat Général de France à Québec


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