Danse Danse participates financially in new dance pieces by offering co-productions to artists who present their works in one of its regular seasons. Since 2007, Danse Danse has co-produced close to 20 new works.

Artist's Testimonials

"Having the support of an organization like Danse Danse is one of the best things a young creator can ask for. The Carte Blanchecreation residency at the Segal Center allowed me to distill and develop the ideas I wanted to bring forth in my new work, Quotient Empirique. The opportunity to share unfinished work in an informal setting (months before our premiere at the Cinquième Salle) helped solidify my vision and direction for the piece."

Victor Quijada, choreographer and dancer, RUBBERBANDance Group

"Choreography is a fragile thing that requires time and support in order to ta ke shape and fully grow and develop. Many thanks to Danse Danse for providing crucial support to La Otra Orilla!"

Myriam Allard, choreographer and dancer, La Otra Orilla

Danse Danse believes in local talent and is committed to supporting our artists through this program.

2019/2020 Coproductions

Anne Plamondon: Seulement toi 

Guillaume Côté: Crypto 

Animals of Distinction: FRONTERA 

Virginie Brunelle: Les corps avalés

Previous Coproductions


Gauthier Dance / Virginie Brunelle : Beating 

RUBBERBAND: Vraiment doucement 

Akram Khan Company : XENOS 

Peggy Baker Dance Projects : who we are in the dark  

Kid Pivot : Revisor  



Clara Furey : Cosmic Love 

Le Patin Libre: Threshold / Seuil 

Hofesh Shechter: Grand Finale 



Akram Khan: Until the Lions 

Tentacle Tribe: Fractals of You 



PPS Danse : Bagne 

Carré des Lombes : Anatomie d’un souffle 



O Vertigo : Soif 

Tentacle Tribe : Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid 

Carré des Lombes : Paradoxe Mélodie 



RUBBERBAND: Quotient empirique 



Grouped’ArtGravelArtGroup : Usually Beauty Fails 

Aszure Barton & Artists: Awaa + Busk

La Otra Orilla : HomoBLABLAtus 



Compagnie Flak, José Navas : Personae 



Le Carré des Lombes : Dévorer le ciel  

Compagnie Flak, José Navas : S 



RUBBERBAND: Punto Ciego  

La La La Human Steps : Amjad  

Ballet du Théâtre National de Slovaquie / Festival des Arts de Saint-Sauveur: Kylián le Grand 



Natasha Bakht : Triptych Self