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Clara Furey

After studying music at the Conservatoire de Paris, then dance at the École de danse contemporaine de Montréal, Clara Furey developed an interest in mixed forms, in the languages and codes that make up the performing arts. She began her artistic career as a singer and composer before turning to dance, acting and cinema, most notably appearing in Guy Maddin’s film The Forbidden Room.

After dancing for numerous choreographers, including Georges Stamos and Benoît Lachambre, who had a strong impact on her artistic approach, Clara Furey decided in 2003 to focus on choreographic creation and performance art, conceiving dance in terms of the body’s full range of movements, breaths, work, action. The influence of Benoît Lachambre on her work as a performer led her to question her relationship with the audience, to “break down the fourth wall,” to see the performance in a 360-degree space and not only frontally.

In 2005, Clara Furey began her choreographic career with projects at the crossroads of dance, performance and music. Hello… How Are You?, a dance-theatre hybrid co-created in 2011 with actress Céline Bonnier, marked her choreographic debut. A high-powered duet based on existential or relational crises, the piece was inspired by Richard Loranger’s Hello Poems, a chapbook that answers the same question on each page : Hello, how are you? With a choreographic structure and gestural vocabulary conveying the many possible responses to this trivial question, the two choreographers create a dialogue based on universal emotional states. A repetitive spiral effect results, the same spiral felt when the same words and things spin endlessly inside our heads, signalling a state of crisis or panic.

Pursuing her research on emotional crises in Ciguë, co-created in 2014 with French choreographer Eric Arnal Burtshy and presented in its world premiere at the Festival Artdanthé (Théâtre de Vanves, Paris), the young choreographer continued to explore the tensions that pervade us daily.

Her artistic concerns come into focus through a questioning of the notions of “savage” and “social” beings. Exploring the duality of solitary and community living, Clara Furey choreographs and performs the role of the primeval human—inexhaustible, savage, wandering—whose survival instinct is perpetually active. Once again, Ciguë calls into question the placement of the audience. Rejecting a frontal position, Clara Furey places viewers at the same level as her, on the floor, allowing her to perform and wander among them, and thus to bring the performance into close, almost tangible, proximity.

Untied Tales represents a pivotal stage in the path of Clara Furey, since it combines the artist’s overall reflections developed not only in dance, but in music and the performing arts. Continuing to delve into the darkest zones of existence, and to explore the theme of the encounter with the Other, Clara and Peter have created a dark and serious fairy tale. One that perfectly combines two distinct artistic approaches and sensibilities, each centred on physical and gestural research of extreme precision.

In 2016 Clara Furey moved towards directing and group choreography with Cosmic Love. This work for five dancers explores some of her favourite themes: darkness,

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