Caroline Laurin-Beaucage - Habiter nos mémoires

  • Montreal
  • Caroline Laurin-Beaucage

    Habiter nos mémoires

    Caroline Laurin-Beaucage
Length – 8 hrs continuous Venue – Bassin de l'Esplanade, Place des Arts
1 October 2021
3 October 2021

Continuous performance from 11 am to 7 pm.

A transparent, open cube in the public space becomes a creative crucible, an ephemeral venue where the freedom of bodies invites consideration, where multiple memories converge.

Choreographer and dancer Caroline Laurin-Beaucage pursues her quest for physical truth in this unifying version of her flagship project Habiter sa mémoire. On the Esplanade de la Place des Arts, in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles, eight women of different generations and backgrounds, all dancers and creators, take turns performing solos in the cube.

For one hour, three days in a row, each of the eight women revisits her personal journey as a dancer and woman, for a total of 24 hours of performance. Using their smart phones, spectators access a voice archive where various impressions, thoughts and memories gathered by the performers complete the live show.

In this choreographic marathon, creation and performance are simultaneous; the simple act of being present becomes a performance, inviting the audience to an introspection in movement.

A Danse Danse presentation in collaboration with CCOV.

Place des ArtsCCOV


The public is free to come and go as they please


  • Caroline Laurin-Beaucage

    Photo © Caroline Désilet.

    Caroline Laurin-Beaucage

    A choreographer, performer and teacher for 20 years, Caroline Laurin-Beaucage worked alongside Ginette Laurin (O Vertigo), Jacques Poulin-Denis, Paul-André Fortier and Jean-Pierre Perreault. Her repertoire, including almost a dozen creations, have toured in Montreal (Danse Danse, Agora de la danse, Tangente, FTA, OFFTA), as well as in Canada, France, Spain, Hungary, Germany and South Korea. In 2016, she created Habiter sa ...

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  • Caroline Laurin-Beaucage


    Caroline is part of Lorganisme, an artistic organization which seeks to strengthen the activity of choreographers, bringing them together and encouraging them to deepen their artistic approach by sharing their creative, human, and material resources. With a strong structuring effect, Lorganisme represents both a guiding light and an anchor for its members, artists and performers, stimulating the resonance and the ...

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Conception and Artistic Direction Caroline Laurin-Beaucage.

Dancers Carole Prieur, Brianna Lombardo, Angélique Willkie, Ariane Levasseur, Susanna Haight, Marie-Reine Kabasha, Claudine Hébert and Marine Rixhon.

Design and Technology Integration Thomas Payette + HUB Studio.

Set Design Odile Gamache.

Sound Recording and Sound Design Larsen Lupin.

Costumes Léonie Blanchet in collaboration with Caroline Laurin-Beaucage.

Production Manager Maurice-Gaston Du Berger.

Technical Director Samuel Thériault.

Delegated Production Lorganisme.


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