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Jonathon Young


Canadian theatre artist Jonathon Young is playwright-in-residence at Kidd Pivot and a core artist of Electric Company Theatre, where he has created and performed in over 20 original productions.

Jonathon Young is a recipient of the UK National Dance Award and several Jessie Richardson Awards for acting and writing.

Canadian actor and writer Jonathon Young has collaborated on the making of productions with Electric Company Theatre including: Tear the Curtain!, No Exit (a re-working of Jean-Paul Sartre’s play) and Studies in Motion (Vancouver Playhouse, Edmonton Citadel, Theatre Calgary, Canadian Stage). In addition, he has worked across Canada as a freelance actor. Some recent projects include: All But Gone (Necessary Angel, Toronto), The Waiting Room (Arts Club Theatre, Vancouver), The Great Gatsby (Theatre Calgary), Hamlet (Bard on the Beach Festival, Vancouver). Jonathon Young has collaborated with Crystal Pite on two projects for Nederlands Dance Theatre: Parade and The Statement, which was performed at New York City Centre in November 2016.

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