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Alexandre Hamel, Pascale Jodoin, Samory Ba


Alexandre Hamel, Pascale Jodoin and Samory Ba came together with the desire to transform athleticism on ice into a means of free expression.

A new kind of skating that has slowly become a contemporary performing art in its own right.

Alexandre Hamel

Alexandre Hamel was trained in figure skating. He competed on the international circuit, reached the podium at the Canadian championships, and earned a few provincial championship titles. He skated professionally for Disney On Ice before founding Le Patin Libre in 2005. He wanted to use his passion for skating outside the constraints of the "On Ice" show business. He now manages the company while remaining fully involved in the performance and creation. Alexandre is also a documentary filmmaker whose videos have won several awards and have been presented in festivals around the world.

Pascale Jodoin

Pascale Jodoin has practiced figure skating since her childhood. Independent by nature, she has developed her own style without following the traditional training patterns. She joined Le Patin Libre in 2009 after seeing a performance and participating in workshops given by the first members of the group. Before becoming fully involved with Le Patin Libre, she operated a small jewelry business and performed in circus projects in Montreal. Beyond her involvement in creation and performance, she directs and coordinates much of the company's activities.

Samory Ba

Samory Ba is originally from the Paris region of France. Since his childhood, he has been trained in figure skating. After his competitive career, he toured for a few years with different commercial ice show companies, including Holiday On Ice. Wishing to find an alternative to the traditions of show business "On Ice", he left the industry to join Le Patin Libre in 2011. Besides being part of the creative and performance team, Samory plays a central role in organizing the company's tours.

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