Anne Le Beau / Compagnie Dave St-Pierre inc.

Compagnie Dave St-Pierre Inc. was founded in september 2004, by Dave St-Pierre, choreographer. The company brushes against cataclysms, coltish with the ephemeral, living through a dance piece and inevitably flirts with the dark sides of humanity. Nevertheless, the company bathe every time in great happiness. The creators-interpreters of the company were choosen for their great open mind, their immeasurable energy, their beautiful nudity and their indestructible love for their surroundings.

- The pieces - 
The pieces tell stories about love, hate, death and they are not thoses littles commercial objects with which we can make money. They are not these little things you can’t deconstruct for the need to one or another. These pieces come with the easy shots, the low blows, the flattery, the superficial and the depth, the irony, the madness, the grins, the savage and the untameable. They blame us for the clichés, the monstrosity, the lack of choregraphic research, the exaggerated caricature and the provocation. So be it, this is who we are. You have to see these pieces with your innocent kid side, paradoxically, you must like to flirt with the dark side of human stupidity. You have to enjoy to slap yourself, delve into a body, smile falsely, to smash into each other, survive, live, smile, cry, open up, doubt and hate.