Animals of Distinction – FRONTERA

  • Montreal
  • Animals of Distinction


    Dana Gingras
Length – 70 min. without intermission Venue – Théâtre Maisonneuve
4 December 2019 - 8 PM
5 December 2019 - 8 PM
6 December 2019 - 8 PM
7 December 2019 - 8 PM

Tickets start at $30.00

Post-performance talk with the artists

    Wednesday December 4, 2019
    Friday December 6, 2019

Backed by musicians from Fly Pan Am and members of the UK-based collective United Visual Artists (UVA), choreographer Dana Gingras imagines FRONTERA, a new ambitious work that stretches the boundaries of the performing arts. A dazzling, subversive blast of energy!

After remounting monumental with the Holy Body Tattoo and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, choreographer Dana Gingras returns to the large-scale format with FRONTERA. A socially engaged artist, she investigates the notion of borders—political, economic and liminal—and operations of power by exploring their impact on the body. The musical score is by cult Montreal post-rock band Fly Pan Am, with scenography by United Visual Artists. With fearless physicality, the supercharged dancers perform daring, high-voltage moves. On stage, the lights, music and movement are inextricably linked, equal participants in the powerful singularity of the work. FRONTERA is a relentlessly coherent choreographic and theatrical experience that challenges and reinvents codes. A total work of art.

  • Dana Gingras

    Photo © Gilles Berquet.

    Dana Gingras

    Dana Gingras is a choreographer, film-maker, performer and teacher. Her 25-year career using different mediums and artistic practices has established her has a game-changing, boundary-pushing artist.  In 1993, she co-founded The Holy Body Tattoo. The company changed the landscape of Canadian dance, earning numerous awards and honours for its stage and film work.  She went on to form Animals of Distinction (AoD) in...

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Executive producer Centre de Création O Vertigo. 
In Coproduction with Animals of Distinction. 
Developed with support from the NAC’s National Creation Fund. 
Choreographer Dana Gingras. 
Visual concept, scenography United Visual Artists. 
Music Fly Pan Am. 
Fields recording Dave Bryant. 
Dramaturgy Ruth Little. 
Rehearsal director Sarah Williams. 
Agent Sarah Rogers. 
Creation residency Centre de Création O Vertigo, Place des Arts. 
Dancers Robert Abubo, Justin de Luna, Léna Demnati, Stacey Desilier, Caroline Gravel, Louise Michel Jackson, Mark Medrano, Koliane Rochon-Prom Tep, Sovann Rochon-Prom Tep, Esther Rousseau-Morin, Lexi Vajda.

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