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    Play (webcast)

    Alexander Ekman
Length – 1 h 40 Venue – Online
7 November 2022
27 November 2022

3 weeks of webcast - November 7 to 27 at the time of your choice.

Like a joyful return to the carefree and mischievous days of our childhood, choreographer Alexander Ekman’s Play transforms the stage into a dazzling playground. Appearing as astronauts, clowns or majestic deer, the 36 dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet dive headlong into a ball pit, immersing themselves—and the audience!—in a festive and fairy-tale imaginary world without limits. A firework display of marvellously bizarre scenes.

Combining dance, theatre, music and song, the Swedish choreographer’s work looks at play at various life stages, and asks why adults seem to lose their ability to indulge in the spontaneous fantasy of childhood games. From the choreography to the costumes to the avalanche of props on stage, the world of Play is surprising in every way. Like the deluge of 40,000 balls that floods the stage, the choreographic ideas, each more creative than the last, rain down in abundance. Alexander Ekman draws us into his whimsical stories and zany dances, making us forget our everyday lives as if by magic. A dance of the moment made of silliness and childlike spontaneity.



Playgrounds (13 min.)
A foray into the visually striking universe of the work Play. A look at professions less known from the general public, those of rehearsal director and choreographer’s assistant, with the testimonies of Ève-Marie Dalcourt and Ana Maria Lucaciu. 

A film by Filigrane Archives

This Digidance webcast is an initiative of DanceHouse (Vancouver), with Danse Danse (Montreal), Harbourfront Centre (Toronto), National Arts Centre (Ottawa).


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  • Alexander Ekman

    Photo © Rahi Rezvani

    Alexander Ekman

    After a dance career with Royal Swedish Ballet, Cullberg Ballet and NDT 2, Alexander Ekman (Sweden, 1984) decided to solely focus on choreography. During the annual NDT’s Switch he was noticed for his talent and individual and original style. His latest work for NDT 1, Definitely Two premiered in season 2013-2014. For NDT 2 Ekman created Flockwork (2006), the international hit Cacti (2010, nominated for the VSCD Zwaan Awa...

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  • Ballet de l’Opéra national de Paris

    The Paris Opera Ballet is one of the most prestigious and oldest classical dance companies in the world. Originally, in 1669 and at the instigation of Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the corps de ballet was integrated into the Royal Academy of Music. Today it is part of the Opéra national de Paris. The 154 dancers give about 180 performances per season. The dancers of the ballet have mostly been trained in its own dance school, con...

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Production Opéra national de Paris, Bel Air Media, SVT,  with the participation of France Télévisions. 
Choreography, Set & Costume Design Alexander Ekman. 
Music composer Mikael Karlsson.
TV Director Tommy Pascal.
Lighting designer Tom Visser.
Videographer T.M. Rives.
Costumes Xavier Ronze.
Choreographer’s assistant Ana Maria Lucaciu.
Set design assistant Claire Puyenchet. 
Strategic Adviser and Dramaturg Carina Nildalen. 

Star Dancer Stéphane Bullion. 
Principal Dancer Muriel Zusperreguy. 
Principal Dancer Vincent Chaillet. 

Corps de ballet de l'opéra national de paris Marion Barbeau, Aurélia Bellet, Alice Catonnet, Silvia Saint-Martin, Ida Viikinkoski, Juliette Hilaire, Laurène Levy, Charlotte Ranson, Jennifer Visocchi, Claire Gandolfi, Marion Gautier De Charnacé, Clémence Gross, Caroline Osmont, Sofia Rosolini, Chelsea Adomaitis, Margaux Gaudy-Talazac, Mouget Shanti. Aurélien Houette, Allister Madin, Marc Moreau, Jérémy-Loup Quer, Daniel Stokes, Simon Valastro, Adrien Couvez, Yvon Demol, Alexandre Gasse, Antoine Kirscher, Mickaël Lafon, Hugo Vigliotti, Takeru Coste, Simon Le Borgne, Antonin Monié, Andréa Sarri. 

Dance Director Aurélie Dupont. 
Dance Administrator Flavien Moglia. 
Ballet Master Associate to Dance Direction Clotilde Vayer. 
Deputy Ballet Master Béatrice Martel. 
Stage Manager Virginia Gris. 
Dance Managers Jessica Bel et Jean-Sébastien Couderc. 
Stage Director Nicolas Marty. 
Production General Manager Moira Delattre. 
Technical Manager Nicolas Minssen. 
Deputy Technical Manager Edouard Gouhier. 
Production’s Technical Manager Emmanuel Boulze. 
Director of Costumes Christine Neumeister. 
Chief of Audiovisual Department Laurent Metivier. 
Deputy Chief to Audiovisual Department Caroline Ludot. 
Production Managers Josephine Medina et Marie Revel. 
Production Assistant Thibaut Lécroart. 
Manager Fabien Mignery. 


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