Alan Lake Factori(e)

Created in 2007, Alan Lake Factori[e], based in Quebec City,  Alan Lake Factori[e] is a multidisciplinary contemporary dance company created and directed by choreographer and director Alan Lake. His approach is at the crossroads of dance, cinema and visual arts. This cross-over contributes directly to defining the company's unique language by giving birth to raw and symbolic universes in which humans, totally impregnated by their environment, evolve. Alan Lake Factori[e] is dedicated to the creation and dissemination of choreographic works, installations and dance films that stage this interconnection between the body in movement, the space it occupies, and the cycle of life and death that underlies them. It is also dedicated to promoting contemporary dance and choreographic research through performances, workshops, workshops, conferences and other related activities. Deeply involved in the dance community in Quebec City, the company carries out large-scale projects that contribute to the effervescence of this art form in the national capital and elsewhere.

The company has produced several stage and film productions. All of them have been acclaimed by critics and the public, and their works are increasingly well known. Thus, the projects Chaudière, déplacement et paysages (2009) and Là-bas le lointain (2012) each gave rise to a film and a stage work and were broadcasted by La Rotonde in Quebec City. In 2015, the show Ravages, premiered by Danse Danse, takes the approach proposed in the previous productions even further. This time, two dance films emerged from the project: Jardins-Catastrophes (2014), which was broadcast in Quebec and in various countries, and Ravages (2015), a film that won several awards and toured festivals around the world. In 2016, the "in situ" creation Les Caveaux, a daring piece created and presented in an old disused warehouse in Limoilou, opened the season at La Rotonde. Subsequently, Alan Lake Factori[e] continues his research by creating Le cri des méduses (premiered at Danse Danse in 2018), a project that takes the form of a dance film and a large-scale form inspired by the famous painting The Raft of the Medusa by Théodore Géricault. In 2021 the public will discover the trilogy L'effritement des parades three distinct works: a creation "in situ", a film and a stage performance.