Helena Waldmann

Helena Waldmann

The independent German choreographer, set designer and director Helena Waldmann was born in 1962.

After theatre studies at the University of Giessen, she focused on social problems in total works of art that burst the boundaries of dance theatre. She presented her first pieces in the 1990s in German state theatres under masters such as Heiner Müller, George Tabori and Gerhard Bohner, followed by several years at the Mousonturm in Frankfurt, working on occasion on co-productions with national and international theatres and festivals.

Helena Waldmann’s work has won several awards and been acclaimed the world over, in Europe, South America, India, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, Palestine, Kenya, Korea and Vietnam. She is a sought-after guest speaker and workshop leader, and she has taken part in various conferences in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Germany, Greece, India, Iran, Japan, Korea and Switzerland. 

These travels inspired works such as Letters from Tentland, presented in Teheran for six Iranian women, Return to Sender, a commentary on European immigration policy performed by six exiled Iranian women, and Feierabend! - das Gegengift – a delirious, anarchic antidote to the dictatorship of modern meritocracy. In her captivating BurkaBondage, she juxtaposed the Muslim veil and Japanese bondage to illustrate the interdependence of inpiduals and cultures and the link between shackle and protection. Get a Revolver, a solo for Brit Rodemund (named Dancer of the Year in 2011) is a celebration of forgetfulness and how it might be a source of joy. In her recent piece Happy Piece, four fearless heralds of fortune find happiness in rebellion and in their dignity, turning the smallest stage into a powder keg of dance.

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