Emmanuelle Lê Phan + Elon Höglund

Emmanuelle Lê Phan, Elon Höglund

Emmanuelle Lê Phan 
Born in Ottawa, Emmanuelle Lê Phan invented her own style of contemporary hip hop based on street dance forms (breaking, house, popping and locking). Since 1999, under the alias Cleopatra, she has acquired extensive experience in b-girling, participating in competitions and performing in dance videos all over the world. After obtaining a B.A. in dance at Concordia University in 2003, she co-founded Solid State Breakdance Collective. From 2003 to 2005, she danced with RUBBERBANDance Group in Slicing Static and Reflections on Movement Particles. She joined Cirque du Soleil and embarked on the adventure of The Beatles LOVE show, working with choreographer Dave St-Pierre and director Dominic Champagne. From 2009 to 2012, she performed in Cirque Éloize’s show ID, created with hip hop choreographer Mourad Merzoukim, and toured Canada, the U.S., Italy, South Korea and France. She returned to the RUBBERBANDance Group for the Gravity of Center tour from 2009 to 2013. A member of the b-girls group Legendary Crew, Emmanuelle continues to participate in break dance competitions and in which she is also a competition judge on occasions. 

Elon Höglund
Born in Stockholm, Elon grew up dancing and listening to hip hop music. He loved to dance, and his search for expression pushed him to venture deeper into the realm of movements. His studies in martial arts (kung fu, capoeira, tai kwon do) and different dance styles (b-boying, popping) generated a sense of purpose, and he went on to find further inspiration in other street styles, and also in theatre and contemporary dance, which led to the creation of his own movement philosophy. Elon has performed and choreographed fusion style contemporary works since 2001 in theatre, dance and contemporary circus productions. In 2005, he was hired by Cirque du Soleil to be part of The Beatles LOVE show in Las Vegas, where he performed and choreographed his own solo, seamlessly fusing contemporary dance and hip hop. He went on to perform all over North America, Europe and Asia with Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Eloize, the Bboyizm Dance Company, RUBBERBANDance Group and the Norwegian State Theatre.  He has performed live on TV in Sweden, Norway, South Korea and the U.S., and has worked with choreographers such as Dave St-Pierre, Daniel Ezralow, Mourad Merzouki and Victor Quijada. In 2012, he co-founded Tentacle Tribe and presented Body to Body in Short & Sweet Montreal and in Cirque du Soleil’s 2012 Quebec City show. He presented When They Fall, a new Tentacle Tribe creation, at Festival Quartiers Danse in September 2012. Elon is also an active member of the Fresh Format (Montreal) b-boy crew.

In 2012 they co-founded Tentacle Tribe and presented Body to Body (2012), When They Fall (2012), Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid (2013) and their last work Fractrals of you.


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