Ballet BC (Emily Molnar + Crystal Pite + Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar) - Programme triple

  • Vancouver
  • Ballet BC

    16 + a room

    Emily Molnar
  • Solo Echo

    Crystal Pite
  • Bill

    Sharon Eyal, Gai Behar
Length – 2 H including 2 intermissions Venue – Théâtre Maisonneuve
5 April 2017 - 8 PM
6 April 2017 - 8 PM
7 April 2017 - 8 PM
8 April 2017 - 8 PM
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Post-performance talk with the artists

    Friday April 7, 2017

Evening program

The incredible dancers of Ballet BC are returning to Danse Danse to give shape and movement to the fascinating worlds of Emily Molnar, Crystal Pite and Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar. Three very different works. Three excellent reasons to give in to temptation.

The dancers of Ballet BC dazzled audiences with their first Danse Danse performance, and will once again be taking the Montreal stage by storm with three fascinating dance realms. Artistic director Emily Molnar presents 16 + a room, a work first premiered in Canada with Ballet BC in October 2013. In Bill, the intense and powerful duo of Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar are inspired by the body and instinct, creating the magic of a surreal world regulated like clockwork. This signature Eyal and Behar piece is highly pictorial. As for Crystal Pite, she sets human chains and elastic bodies into motion to sonatas by Brahms in Solo Echo, the liquid movement of the dancers giving shape to delicate forms that convey strong emotion. Three excellent reasons to give in to temptation.

“Molnar’s vision for the 18-member company is to make Ballet BC a lean, mean, contemporary-ballet machine.” − The Globe and Mail, Toronto

  • Emily Molnar

    Photo © Michael Slobodian

    Emily Molnar

    Emily Molnar, the Artistic Director of Ballet BC since 2009, continues to steer the unique company of 18 dancers into an era of innovative, creative and collaborative dance. Named as one of Canada’s “new generation of ballet sensations” (MacLean’s magazine), Molnar is a graduate of the National Ballet School and a former member of the National Ballet of Canada; a soloist with the Frankfurt Ballet under director William...

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  • Crystal Pite

    Photo © Michael Slobodian

    Crystal Pite

    Choreographer and performer Crystal Pite lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. She created works for the Cullberg Ballet, Cedar Lake, BJM-Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, Ballet British Columbia, Alberta Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada and various freelance artists such as Louise Lecavallier. From 1988 to 2001, Pite was part of Ballet British Columbia in Vancouver and William Forsythe’s Ballett...

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  • Sharon Eyal

    Sharon Eyal

    Born in Israel in 1971, Sharon has danced with Batsheva Dance Company for 17 years and served as Associate Artistic Director of Batsheva in 2003-2004, and as House Choreographer from 2005 to 2012. Now she is a talented choreographer with a unique and a personal language, and the Batsheva Dance Company and the Batsheva Ensemble have performed pieces by Eyal, including You Got to Live, Pan (2001), Ink (2002), Static...

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  • Gai Behar

    An artist, curator and producer, Gai Behar has worked in video, music and performance art. He has organized several avant-garde underground events with live music, and techno raves featuring performance and installation artists. He has also produced and launched various night club concepts in Israel. Gai joined Sharon in co-creating

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16 + a room
Choreography Emily Molnar. Music Dirk P. Haubrich.

Solo Echo
Choreography Crystal Pite. Music Johannes Brahms.

Choreography Sharon Eyal. Music Ori Lichtik.

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