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Your support is important throughout the season(s). A one-time donation is a tangible way to demonstrate your passion for dance and your commitment to the performing arts.

Your donation is essential: it gives us wings and allows artists to develop, to surpass themselves and to amaze you.

Join the movement by making a donation to Danse Danse, a passionate dance promoter and presenter for almost 25 years!  


Why donate?

  • Danse Danse presents diversified programming rooted in the 21st century;
  • Danse Danse builds bridges by promoting encounters and exchanges between artists and audience;
  • Danse Danse is a talent incubator that provides artists with time, space and funding at key points in their career;
  • Danse Danse actively contributes to the profile of Montreal, cultural metropolis. 

Let’s celebrate the humanity at the heart of creation!