• JOAT Battle \ Propulsé par Danse Danse

    Jack Of All Trades (JOAT)

    JOAT Battle \ powered by Danse Danse

    Handy "HYA" Yacinthe
    15 Nov 2020
  • Jack Of All Trades (JOAT)

    JOAT Battle \ powered by Danse Danse

    Handy "HYA" Yacinthe
    15 Nov 2020
  • Jack Of All Trades (JOAT)

    JOAT Battle \ powered by Danse Danse

    Handy "HYA" Yacinthe
    15 Nov 2020
  • Jack Of All Trades (JOAT)

    JOAT Battle \ powered by Danse Danse

    Handy "HYA" Yacinthe
    15 Nov 2020

MonstaPop - JOAT Battle

  • Montreal
  • Jack Of All Trades (JOAT)

    JOAT Battle \ powered by Danse Danse

    Handy "HYA" Yacinthe
Length – 1 h 15 Venue – Online \ Yoop eSpace
15 November 2020 - 19 h 00

Danse Danse invites you to a performance of a form of street dance as spectacular as it is fascinating: the battle.

Well versed street dancers meet in a supercharged atmosphere of exchange, confrontation and adrenaline. Hosted by an MC, powered by a DJ, and adjudicated by a jury, the battle consists of a series of competitions of solo dance, improvised according to strict guidelines.

Danse Danse has teamed up with Jack Of All Trades (JOAT), the Montreal-based international street dance platform run by Handy “MonstaPop” Yacinthe, to offer you a high-level battle: eight dancers from Quebec and Canada, a local DJ, an international jury in virtual attendance, and a very lively MC.

This 6th edition of the JOAT Battle is an original concept of Jack Of All Trades.

Unrestrained yet precise, sensational yet subtle, competitive yet friendly: the battle awaits you!

Online event in the Yoop eSpace, live from Place des Arts

Three large screens installed in front of the dancers will project images of audience members reacting to the battle live and in real time.


DJ Shash’U (Montreal)
MC Etienne Lou (Montreal)
Dancers Phoenix Bright Light (Montreal), Ignite (Montreal), BopnGeek (Vancouver), Grimlock (Montreal), J. Style (Montreal), Abnormal (Montreal), Rawss (Montréal), Icy (Toronto).
Jury Slim Boogie (Los Angeles), SonYa (Paris), Gucchon (Osaka).


In collaboration with DanceHouse (Vancouver), Harbourfront Centre (Toronto), National Arts Centre (Ottawa).

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  • Handy "HYA" Yacinthe

    Photo © Clément Dietz

    Handy "HYA" Yacinthe

    Artistic Director

    Handy "HYA" Yacinthe is one of the pioneers who has built today's popping dance community in Quebec and is a great influence in the street dance scene here and abroad. His artistic contribution has inspired many across Canada and internationally. A creator, innovator and experimenter in his own right, but above all an artist belonging to the Canadian street dance heritage. A dancer and experimenter for 25 y...

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  • Jack Of All Trades (JOAT)

    Based in Montreal, Jack Of All Trades is a platform that celebrates the culture of Street Dance and the artistic practices associated with it. Also, recognized worldwide for its international festival, the company brings together artists from here and abroad. Jack Of All Trades, a term meaning the ability to be multidisciplinary, was created in 2014 to inspire a broader artistic articulation within the Popping community. Th...

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Artistic Director / Creator / Founder JOAT Handy Yacinthe.

Artistic Assistant Richard “Shash’U” St-Aubin.

Music Director / Songwriter & Music Composer / Sound Designer / DJ Richard “Shash’U” St-Aubin.

Motion Design Handy Yacinthe, Richard “Shash’U” St-Aubin, Ja James Britton Johnson.

Visual Media Consultant Richard “Shash’U” St-Aubin.

Graphic Design Handy Yacinthe.

Camera and Videos Daniel Julien Inacio.

Master of Ceremony Étienne Lou.

Judges Anthony D. Amstrong, Sonia Bel Hadj Brahim, Akihito Yamaguchi.

Dancers Valmont Harnois, Mukoma K. Nshinga, Michael Browne, Mecdy Jean-Pierre, Abdel Hanine Madini, Phan Hoi Do, Élie-Anne Ross, Steve Ndacyayisenga.


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