Le Carré des Lombes

Danièle Desnoyers began her career in 1986 by exploring the expressiveness of the body in Des héros désaffectés. She founded Le Carré des Lombes in 1989 and gained renown for an approach that led to the emergence of new perspectives in dance in Quebec, with works whose staging and sound environments have a strong impact on the language of the body. Effusive, generous and often tinged with humour and sensuality, her choreography is characterized by a constant fluctuation between rigour and wild frenzy. 

After many years of interdisciplinary work with contemporary composers, in 2010 she decided to redeploy movement and place it at the very heart of her dance in Dévorer le ciel. She soon returned, however, to a dialogue between dance and music, blending the harp and electro-acoustic music in Paradoxe Mélodie. Anatomie d’un souffle will be her fifth Danse Danse presentation.