Jack Of All Trades (JOAT)

Based in Montreal, Jack Of All Trades is a platform that celebrates the culture of Street Dance and the artistic practices associated with it. Also, recognized worldwide for its international festival, the company brings together artists from here and abroad. Jack Of All Trades, a term meaning the ability to be multidisciplinary, was created in 2014 to inspire a broader artistic articulation within the Popping community. This was done by inviting freedom of expression and by highlighting the multi-disciplinarity that this practice contains. This is how the JOAT battle took shape and the influence of the platform was felt in the local and international community.  In 2016, the company sketches a festival representing JOAT's intrinsic identity, which is multidisciplinarity. Since then, the festival includes Street Dance and related arts such as visual arts, music production, DJing and other forms of cultural events related to it.