Founded in 2002 by Victor Quijada, the RUBBERBANDance Group (RBDG) is a unique artistic crossroads, with its fusion of ballet, contemporary dance and hip hop. From that exploratory base the choreographer Victor Quijada draws from the roots of urban and break dance, retaining the spontaneity of the form while creating a contemporary style based on a concept that combines dance and theatre, improvisation, the visual imagery of film, and the spontaneous eruption of impromptu performance as tools for transforming the reality of the day-to-day. 

Characterized by a singular, highly innovative aesthetic, RBDG dance pieces reflect a rich exploration of human relationships, with an emphasis on psychological constructs, certain types of behaviour and emotional conflicts. They harness the passionate emotions of violence, tenderness, comedy and tragedy in order to highlight a certain truth about the human condition, a truth that might make a difference to someone in the audience.

For RBDG there are many perse and even unexpected ways and means of reaching an audience. With the sensibility of a street dancer, Victor Quijada is constantly trying to integrate the immediacy of hip hop into more structured staging. He has experimented with alternative venues, given impromptu performances and broken the barrier between artists and audience in countless ways in order to shatter the presentational formant. He wants the audience to experience dance not as a passive activity, but as a participatory event.

When it first burst upon the scene, RBDG surprised audiences and critics with three works presented at Tangente and at MAI, as well as several smaller pieces created for various special events. Tender Loving Care and Hasta La Próxima were both in the Top 5 Danse listing by the newspaper La Presse in 2002. The following year, Elastic Perspective was performed 100 times after winning the Prix Coup de Pouce at the Vue sur la Relève festival. During the 2003-2004 season, the company was given an artistic residency at Usine C for the creation of Slicing Static, named best dance production of 2004 by the Montreal weekly Hour

In 2007 RBDG was granted a four-year artistic residency by Cinquième Salle in Place des Arts, a major injection of support that stimulated the company’s development. Four works resulted from that partnership: AV Input/Output, Loan Sharking, Punto Ciego, (presented to sold-out houses for three weeks in 2009) and Gravity of Center. That same year, the OQAJ-RIDEAU Award allowed the company to pursue professional development workshops in the Americas.

Now recognized internationally for its new and unique vision of dance, RBDG has so far created and presented nine works and five short films, including Hasta La Próxima, a finalist in the short film category at the American Choreography Awards. It has participated in several projects in collaboration with other artists (galas, special events, video clips, demonstrations, etc.) 

The Group has performed in Canada, the United States (including Hawaii), Europe and Japan. At the 2012 Canadian Dance Assembly gala, the company received the I Love Dance International Award for its exceptional contribution in opening up Canadian dance to international exposure.