Get Youth into Dance

A great way to support youth and dance

Get Youth into Dance is an access to dance program that is an important part of the Danse Danse mission. Funded by private donations, the program allows adolescents in difficulty or from disadvantaged backgrounds to attend free of charge performances presented by Danse Danse. Thanks to donations from private and public corporations, our clientele of young people aged 14 and over, comes from high schools and organizations targeted by Danse Danse.

The objective is to have them discover a cutting edge, multidisciplinary and innovative art form that they often have never been exposed to – contemporary dance.


“It was really interesting. It was the first time I’ve ever seen that kind of show. It was really fascinating!” Génika

“Fantastic. It was an amazing day. I got to explore a new dance i didn’t know before.” Esther

“It was so beautiful! i was really impressed by the dancers and the sets, and I was struck by all the emotions in the show. Now I wonder: why can’t everyone come and see performances like this?”  Miccey

“I admired the dancers’ passion, their sensitivity, and their strength. I was happy to introduce young people to this world, and best of all, to have them discover resources and powerful role models in the arts!” Sarah (chaperone)

Amenez un jeune à la danseAmenez un jeune à la danseAmenez un jeune à la danse

Photos © Robin Pineda Gould 

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