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Length – 90 minutes Venue – Club Soda
1 September 2022 - 20 h 30
2 September 2022 - 20 h 30
4 September 2022 - 20 h 30

Come celebrate street dance in the heart of the Quartier des spectacles!
From the streets to the stage, artists of many different backgrounds dance, compete, and share their passion with all the generosity and intensity that drive them. Electric and festive.

Initiated by Handy “HYA” Yacinthe, the JOAT Festival proposes a new edition carried by the street dance culture as a cultural and social factor. The festival will offer seven days of programming and activities featuring more than 150 artists who will immerse you in the world of street dance: high-level battles, breaking, popping, hip hop, beatmakers, youth battle, introductory street dance workshops, master classes, exhibition! An opportunity to discover some of the Afro-American community dances that have become popular around the world.

Co-produced by Jack Of All Trades and Danse Danse.


JOAT Battles at Club Soda

JOAT Breaking JOAT Hip Hop JOAT Popping

Street dancers meet in a supercharged atmosphere of exchange, confrontation and adrenaline. Hosted by an MC, powered by a DJ, and adjudicated by a jury, the battle consists of a series of competitions of solo dance, improvised according to strict guidelines.

The complete program will be announced in the coming weeks



Presale (until August 14):
$30 per battle  \\   $85 for 3 battles 

Regular (starting August 15):
$35 per battle  \\ $100 for 3 battles

3 battles package

  • Festival JOAT

    Founded in 2014, Jack Of All Trades (JOAT) is an international street dance platform. Drawing on his brilliant career as a multidisciplinary artist, founder Handy “HYA” Yacinthe channels all his passion and ingenuity into unifying, supporting and renewing a community of eclectic, inventive and inspiring artists.

    JOAT works to introduce street dance culture to audiences at home and abroad, while increasing the visibility ...

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Festival JOAT  Festival JOAT


Festival JOATFestival JOAT

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