Créateur en Mouvement

Danse Danse Program for New Works

A veritable showcase of the avant-garde, Danse Danse is renowned for the dynamism, creativity, audacity and diversity of the dance programs it features. High calibre companies, with works by both veteran and emerging choreographers, are presented in the heart of the entertainment district. In addition to its programming, Danse Danse also pursues initiatives such as its program in support of new dance pieces entitled Créateur en Mouvement.

Danse Danse believes in local talent and maintains strong, constructive links with dance artists by listening to their proposals and providing co-production support and artistic residencies. Danse Danse hopes that Quebec dance artists will be able to see their works performed on stages big and small, giving them the means to dream and to have their dreams come true.

The Créateur en Mouvement program offers support for talented artists in two ways:


Danse Danse provides residencies in well-equipped venues, in rehearsal studios and hybrid creative spaces. Since 2006, Danse Danse has provided over 35 creative residencies to dance artists.

Residency Partners        

2015-2016 Residencies

-    PPS Danse : Bagne (Place des Arts)
-    Compagnie Flak, José Navas : Rites (Place des Arts)
-    Virginie Brunelle (SidLee)
-    Caroline Gravel (Arsenal), Documenter l'absence, video 1, video 2
-    Alan Lake (Arsenal)
-    Clara Furey (Arsenal)
-    Tentacle Tribe (Place des Arts)
-    Anne Le Beau et Dave St-Pierre (Place des Arts)


Danse Danse participates financially in new dance pieces by offering co-productions to artists who present their works in one of its regular seasons. Since 2007, Danse Danse has co-produced close to 20 new works.


Artist’s Testimonials

"At the start of any creation process, one must negotiate and cross the gap between imagination and reality. The technical and artistic sides must dialogue in order to find a way to give form to that which is imagined, because the aim is to arrive at a communion of the two before revealing the work to the public. Thanks to the residences in the Cinquième Salle offered by Danse Danse, I was able to find that communion. As a performer, I’m always very happy when I have the time to familiarize myself with the space, the lighting, and finally the piece’s rhythm. Deep thanks to the team of Danse Danse for their warm welcome!"

José Navas, choreographer and dancer, Compagnie Flak

“It was the luxury of having time. If asked what, in my opinion, is the most important aspect of the creative process, my answer would simply be time. Being able to spend time working with the dancers, with collaborators, spending time in the venue creating the lighting design and getting a better feel for the space, for the rhythm of a piece. And that is precisely what Danse Danse and all the partners involved in producing Paradoxe Mélodie so generously gave me. They gave me time, an ephemeral and intangible but very precious gift.”

Danièle Desnoyers, choreographer, Le Carré des Lombes

"Having the support of an organization like Danse Danse is one of the best things a young creator can ask for. The Carte Blanche creation residency at the Segal Center allowed me to distill and develop the ideas I wanted to bring forth in my new work, Quotient Empirique. The opportunity to share unfinished work in an informal setting (months before our premiere at the Cinquième Salle) helped solidify my vision and direction for the piece."

Victor Quijada, choreographer and dancer, RUBBERBANDance Group

“Choreography is a fragile thing that requires time and support in order to ta ke shape and fully grow and develop. Many thanks to Danse Danse for providing crucial support to La Otra Orilla!”

Myriam Allard, choreographer and dancer, La Otra Orilla

Danse Danse believes in local talent and is committed to supporting our artists through this program.

For more information contact Caroline Ohrt


José Navas, Rites © Valérie SimmonsCaroline Gravel (Documenter l'absence © Romain Guilbault. Interprètes Jamie Wright, Laurence Dufour, Dave St-PierreEmmanuelle Lê Phan, Elon Höglund © Sandra Lynn Bélanger.

Photo 1 José Navas, Rites © Valérie Simmons. Photo 2 Caroline Gravel (Documenter l'absence © Romain Guilbault. Interprètes Jamie Wright, Laurence Dufour, Dave St-Pierre. Photo 3 Emmanuelle Lê Phan, Elon Höglund © Sandra Lynn Bélanger.