Artistic Direction

Pierre Des Marais and Caroline Ohrt

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, our 20 years of unconditional love for dance, we offered you an anthology of colourful dance pieces, a dazzling display of emotions. Now, looking to the future, we invite you to join us for our 21st season as we pursue our mission to present the very best dance from around the world. This year’s program features 13 shows from Europe, Africa and the Americas: 13 windows on the world, celebrating the immense talent of contemporary dance creators from Canada and abroad —some of the best on the planet. And once again this season, our Montreal artists have pride of place in this exciting program. 

The works in this 21st season address such issues as our collective memories, politics and identity, rituals, interiority, our plural and gregarious humanity, and our search for meaning. Enlightening and essential, this dance—filled with poetry and anchored in the present—encourages us to examine our relationship with the world around us. 

Blending styles and interweaving disciplines, our dance offering embraces a variety of artistic languages. Visual arts, theatre and music combine with gestures and physicality in this inclusive and unbounded programming, reflecting the amazing diversity of current contemporary dance practice at the local, national and international levels. From indie rock to exhilarating pop by way of classical elements, jazz rhythms and world beats, the music promises to be more prominent than ever this year. Performed live on stage in several of the shows, it is at the heart of all the works we have chosen. Music guides the bodies, joins with the gestures, merges with the dance. Lively and eclectic, it’s an eloquent and uplifting part of each and every work! 

We wish you a season full of extraordinary artistic experiences, of surprising and inspiring encounters with contemporary dance from around the world.

Pierre Des Marais
Executive Director and Artistic Co-Director

Caroline Ohrt
Artistic Co-Director and Director of Development