Artistic Co-Director's message

Dance is our inspiration, our purpose and our passion. Year after year, we strive to bring you the very best in contemporary dance from here and abroad. In the spirit of that commitment, we are proud to present our 22nd season, featuring 13 productions of outstanding artistic quality: 13 shows, 13 invitations to experience the thrill of dance, to travel the world, and to journey to a multitude of universes and cultures. 

With boldness, poetry, inventiveness and intensity, the works showcase the amazing talent of artists from Quebec, Canada and around the world. Their art holds up a responsive mirror to the world around us. By expressing pure emotions through bodies and movement, it delivers a powerful and universal message that is essential, even salutary... 
From the performances on stage to the various complementary activities, our aim is to connect with you and share unique moments and meaningful experiences. We sincerely hope these works will thrill you, make you think, astound you, delight you and move you, and that they will leave you with vivid and enduring images, feelings and memories. 

Enjoy the season! 

Caroline Ohrt et Pierre Des Marais / Danse Danse

Pierre Des Marais
Executive Director and Artistic Co-Director

Caroline Ohrt
Artistic Co-Director and Director of Development