Artistic Co-Director's message

What a pleasure it is to unveil these dance shows that we have so carefully selected for you. The 2020/21 season features large-scale events, diverse voices, and rich vocabularies that transcend the performance hall. From Pina Bausch’s iconic Nelken and its thousands of carnations to São Paulo Companhia de Dança, the season has been designed to move you, challenge you, take you on a journey.

Dance gives the human body a voice. It constrains it, transforms it, liberates it. Through its multiple languages, it communicates with each of us and whispers its secrets to us. It offers a powerful testament to the multitude of contemporary realities. Dance resonates beyond our borders. It does us good.

We are happy that, like us, you choose to enrich yourself with the art of choreography. This season, we invite you to be more than spectators. Come dance with the artists, meet them before or after the show, take a look backstage. We’ll be pleased to show you dance from every angle and accompany you on this extraordinarily human adventure.

Our recommendation this year? Don’t deprive yourself, see all the shows, and do yourself some good!

Caroline Ohrt et Pierre Des Marais / Danse Danse

Pierre Des Marais
Executive Director and Artistic Co-Director

Caroline Ohrt
Artistic Co-Director and Director of Development