2020/2021 Fundraising Campaign

Your support is essential! 

Dance makes the human body speak. It constrains it, transforms it, liberates it. It is a powerful reflection of the multiple realities of life and the world today. Dance transcends borders. It does people good. 

Since last spring, we have been joining forces with artists and partners to find ways to allow dance to reach you and touch you with its power during this time of crisis. We’re optimistic about the future, and through our love of dance, obstacles are being transformed into new opportunities. 

Today, your support is essential so that we can take concrete risks, support artists in their creative process,and develop new ways to deploy dance so that it reaches out to you in all its sensuality and strength. 

Donating to Danse Danse means securing a place for dance in these troubled times and preparing for its strong return to the stage. 

More than ever, dance is a living and necessary art. 

Let’s celebrate the humanity at the heart of creation. 

Thank you for donating to Danse Danse.